Thrive by athena health provider

Thrive by athena health provider


Thrive by athena health providerEducation, Awareness, and Accreditation to Improve Patient Safety and the Quality of Patient CareThe Thrive by athena health provider Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety (PPAHS) is a 501c3 nonprofit.

PPAHS is a country wide advocacy pressure for addressing affected person. Thrive by athena health provider

Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety

fitness and protection priorities shared through sufferers, physicians, regulators, and industry.Education provides cost to our healthcare device and performs a important function in using awareness, growing understanding, and affecting change.

Who Is PPAHS? Thrive by athena health provider

PPAHS is an approved company of persevering with scientific education. PPAHS identifies, promotes, educates, and certifies clinicians in first-class practices that sell affected person protection and enhance the pleasant of affected person care.

For greater approximately our tutorial efforts, please go to our Learning Center.

Patient Safety Initiatives

According to a World Health Organization, incidence of damaging occasions because of hazardous care is probably one of the 10 main reasons of demise and incapacity withinside the world. Moreover, in excessive profits international locations just like the United States.

it’s far anticipated that one in each 10 sufferers is harmed even as receiving medical institution care. The damage may be because of various damaging occasions, with almost 50% of them being preventable.As described through the American Board of Preventive.

Medicine, affected person protection is “the prevention of damage to sufferers.” In a secure ecosystem, emphasis is positioned at the device of care transport that:

Prevents mistakes;

Is constructed on a subculture of protection that entails fitness care professionals, organizations, and sufferers.With the aim of decreasing damaging occasions, PPAHS has been actively concerned withinside the following affected person protection issues:

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