Three ways to not gain weight again

Three ways to not gain weight again

Have you been on a diet, but now you are looking for a way to not gain weight?
Personal trainer Sam Wood is not convinced that going on a strict diet and counting calories are good ways to lose weight, and especially to maintain results over the long term. In fact, this should be our main goal, and not just to be able to lose weight. If we don’t want to gain weight again, instead of always staying on a diet, Sam proposes a three-step strategy to maintain a good weight and live the nutrition factor more peacefully. So instead of sticking to the scales and continuing to restrict food, why not choose this other route?

3 WAYS TO NOT Grease Again

1) Take care of your gut health: your bacterial flora plays a scientifically proven role in determining your body weight. That’s why instead of worrying about not gaining weight again, you should take better care of your health, and especially your intestinal health. How? Here are 10 tips to do it without stress. 

2) Try to follow a balanced diet starting from natural and less industrial foods as possible, and to be constant in training. Instead of looking at quantity, we look for quality in food, and above all we try to cook as many meals at home as possible, without going out to eat too many times, and without resorting to ready meals, ready-made burgers, salads in bags, spreads, snacks and other industrial products.

The more natural food we eat, the easier it will be not to gain weight again.
And at the same time we try to be constant in our training purposes, so as not to lose the progress obtained by losing weight.

3) Avoid shortcuts: there may be days when you eat a little more, or times when you feel heavy or bloated despite your natural diet and physical activity. But that’s no excuse to rush the internet to find fat-burning teas, diet pills, or 800-calorie diets.

Otherwise, you never stop dieting and your metabolism slows down.
The constancy of a correct lifestyle will reward us, the key is balance , and the maintenance of a healthy diet and habits for life. Missteps can happen but let’s avoid punishing ourselves.

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