Three days of purifying diet to lose a pound

Three days of purifying diet to lose a pound

Three days of a purifying and deflating diet to get rid of a pound of swelling and retention? Here is a three-day diet plan and re-start, ideal if we have exaggerated at the table or want to be in shape for an important day.
Here is the plan and rules to follow. We can do it on the weekend or Monday to Wednesday or three days before our special appointment.

Three days of purifying diet to lose a kilo
Rules: in the morning as soon as you wake up drink two glasses of warm / hot water with lemon juice before having breakfast. Every day we eat three portions (about 250 g raw weight) of leafy vegetables and two portions (about 160-180 g) of sour fruit, including red fruits and citrus fruits. We take in these three days of diet an infusion of dandelion or milk thistle to purify the liver, away from meals and bitter. Two cups a day are enough. We drink about 2 liters of water a day.

Breakfast: a cup of green tea + a slice of rye or wholemeal bread toasted with a layer of organic almond or nut butter + a kiwi or 100g of red fruits of your choice.
Lunch and dinner: 150 grams of fish such as hake, sea bass, sole, cod baked with herbs (or in a non-stick pan) with a large portion of green salad or steamed green leafy vegetables seasoned with a teaspoon of raw oil. 
Snacks with one or two sliced ​​cucumbers + another portion of sour fruit

DAY 2:
Breakfast: a cup of green tea and a portion of fruit salad with 1 orange and 100 grams of strawberries or raspberries or cherries, ground cinnamon, lemon or lime juice and a spoonful of low-fat yogurt.
Lunch: a large portion of 100% vegetable salad, with mixed green salad, cucumbers, raw green pepper, radishes, fennel, endive, spinach, rocket (to be chosen among these) + a tablespoon of oil
Dinner: a small steak with spinach steam or a portion of grilled prawns (ten) with mixed salad + a teaspoon of oil.
Snacks with one or two sliced ​​cucumbers + 5/6 almonds or 3 walnuts .

DAY 3:
Breakfast: a cup of green tea + 125 grams of natural low-fat yogurt with 100 grams of kiwi or blueberries and two tablespoons of puffed rice or flaked oats.
Lunch: mixed green salad with 100 g of boiled green beans + 100 g of boiled corn + a teaspoon of oil.
Dinner: 150 gr of grilled chicken or one egg omelette plus two egg whites with boiled asparagus in quantity + a teaspoon of oil:
Snacks with one or two sliced ​​cucumbers + another portion of sour fruit .

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