Three days of detox diet after the holidays according to Prevention

Three days of detox diet after the holidays according to Prevention

After the holidays, if we have exaggerated at the table, the need to make a short low-calorie diet of a few days is there, to compensate for the excess of calories, mostly from fats and sugars, that we have packed with the holidays . Since you often ask me for suggestions on how to do it, today I propose a three-day diet plan that , if you really overdo it, can be continued for another six days without major problems. These three days of detox diet, available for free in Prevention magazine, allow us to reduce sugars and fats as well as calories , with three “shock” menus at about 1250 calories.
Here is the three-day diet plan, with some substitutions to be able to customize it while still falling within the expected calories.

source: Prevention


Breakfast: egg whites omelette from 4 small egg whites or 120 g with 50 g of blueberries or raspberries or currants or 30 g of pear / apple in pieces and cinnamon cooked in non-stick pan + a slice of toasted wholemeal bread (the one in a box, otherwise about 20 gr of wholemeal bread or 2 wasa slices or two wholemeal rusks) with 2 teaspoons of apple compote or a small one of jam without added sugar or two of jam Hero Light + 100 gr of Greek yogurt 0% skimmed fat or 150 ml of skimmed milk, light rice or soy. If you don’t want egg whites omelette: 170 grams of 0% fat Greek yogurt in all, plus fruit.
Snack:a toast or wasa with a level teaspoon of almond or peanut butter or alternatively 8-9 almonds

Lunch: 150 gr of chickpeas (already boiled) stewed in a pan with 200 gr of peppers, pumpkin or courgettes or radicchio or spinach + a teaspoon of oil or two slices of avocado (30 g), plus a slice of rye bread or 30 g of wholemeal bread or 2 slices of wasa. Spices and herbs are free. (As an alternative to chickpeas: 100 g of natural / smoked tofu, 150 g of cannellini or corona beans, 100 g of sliced ​​turkey breast). A sugar-free herbal tea.
Snack:  A small 100g orange or two mandarins or clementines (100g in all), a sliced ​​cucumber or a cucumber and ginger juice. Dinner: 
80 gr of fresh or smoked salmon, or 120 gr of chicken (lean part, breast), 100 gr of turkey or natural tuna with lemon juice and aromatic herbs, 100 gr of brown rice or quinoa (cooked weight), 150 gr between pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage or asparagus (raw weight). A teaspoon of oil. Half pack of natural Greek yogurt (75-85 g) with a teaspoon of apple compote or Hero Light jam.

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