This woman proves that you can lose weight without a diet

This woman proves that you can lose weight without a diet

The transformation of this 36-year-old woman , which took place after two years of training, shows that it is not true that in weight loss 70 or 80 percent do the diet and only the rest do the gym, nor that “the abdominals are done in the kitchen “. Nikki Rees , in fact, in these two years that separate her from a before to an after, she has transformed her body while loving good food, a glass of prosecco, pizza and desserts and while continuing to finish the remains of her children’s dishes. .
How did you manage to lose weight without a diet? 
She simply got the hang of (sorry) training for two years, ate better than before, but without counting calories or macronutrients: she just added more fruit and vegetables but continued to drink the occasional glass of wine, to eat pie and fries regularly, to go through his routine at the gym without fixations. Yes to the protein shake, no to reducing portions. Zero waivers.

But how has nutrition changed from before to after?
Nevertheless, we must not think that Nikki’s diet has not changed: simply now if he overdoes at the table or eats too much, he trains with more conviction and energy, but being a person with a good appetite, he preferred to focus on the gym to get results, and do not become a victim of nervous hunger and binge-eatig. She claims that she is eating a more balanced diet, but that she doesn’t deny herself anything and that she gives the best in training (which she does in the gym or at home).

Why is this story important?
Many people who love good food and good food often have an image of sports people as people who make three thousand sacrifices at the table. Which, let’s face it, is true for the majority of cases, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing everything under the guise of health (actually with the push of the mirror). And finally, diet by diet, why train? And so we end up underestimating physical activity, and preferring to do that famous 70 or 80% in the kitchen. Instead, you can eat and you must eat, choosing to do activities such as leisure, for aesthetics, for strength and also to indulge in whims. This does NOT mean making zero changes, but avoiding extremism.
As Nikki says on her blog, you can live your training in a happy way: you can decide to do it or not, without anxiety or stress. But when you understand that you can eat well and live well, training well becomes a consequence.

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