This deficiency causes you to burn fewer calories

This deficiency causes you to burn fewer calories

The modern diet, often made up of refined grains, meat and fish that we more or less always take from the same sources (the classic “slice” or fillet instead of liver, offal, bone broth or fishbones) and many industrially processed foods, it actually leads to what we can define as a paradox.

On the one hand we eat, so we take in calories.
On the other hand, however, what we eat negatively affects our nutrient reserves.
Calories are therefore not burned.


This paradox is called ” High Calorie Malnutrition “: that is, malnutrition due to excessive caloric intake.
Clearly, the less we eat the more we are prone to nutritional deficiencies.

But if we eat and eat the same foods over and over, or eat nutritionally poor foods, the calories we eat aren’t converted into energy efficiently.

So not only do we need to eat more and stop doing crash or unbalanced diets.
We need to eat better and we need to vary our diet as much as possible.
Otherwise the result will be that we burn fewer calories, because our energy metabolism is compromised by nutritional deficiencies. In particular, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals play a role in slowing down the metabolism and the immune system.

But above all, there is a vitamin deficiency that makes us burn fewer calories .
And it is the subject of the book written by Doctors Derrick Lonsdale and Charlie Marss . Through a series of studies, these two scientists explain how modern diets and the use and abuse of processed foods make us deficient in thiamine, or vitamin B1.

Let’s see why thiamine and metabolism are related

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