Things not to do during your period

Things not to do during your period

There are no real impediments to be respected “in those days”. However, it is good to take some precautions that can help you better deal with the hassles related to the menstrual cycle.


Once a month the female organism is transformed : mood swings, increased sensitivity, possible irascibility, shoulder pain, abdominal cramps, aches and discomforts of various kinds characterize the most classic ” menstrual pains “.

The menstrual cycle is a period that accompanies a woman for about 40 years of her life and, except in cases of particular indisposition, is well integrated into the normal management of daily life.

In those days you can lead a completely normal life: however, there are some precautions to be taken to “lighten your life”.

Tips for living better in the days of your period

  • Avoid taking acetylsalicylic acid

The normal aspirin , so to speak, better to avoid it: it exerts, in fact, a blood thinning action, so it could increase the flow.

In case of headache , muscle pain , or slight indisposition, it is better to adopt other remedies that do not interact with the cycle, such as elderberry infusion for example, with diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory and vasotonic properties.

  • Avoid physical exercises that involve positions that are inverse to the force of gravity

Specific yogic asanas such as the plow or the candle  could lead to headaches, dizziness, and in any case engage the lumbar muscles on one side and the abdominal muscles on the other, already under pressure from the menstrual cycle.

  • Don’t give up on physical activity

Better to maintain a healthy and correct movement , perhaps brisk walking , to dissolve abdominal tension, promote blood circulation, improve breathing and relieve any states of anxiety and stress .

  • Avoid the intake of salty foods

Excess sodium increases water retention , can aggravate the swelling condition and promote cramps .

In any case, pay attention to excesses in general: sometimes the appetite increases dramatically and without realizing it you eat all those so-called gratifying “psycho-foods” such as pasta or chocolate.

  • Avoid taking dairy products

Dairy products are foods with a high content of arachidonic acid, with marked pro-inflammatory activities that could accentuate any swelling and belly cramps , in addition to a physiological turgor due to the menstrual cycle.

  • Avoid hair removal

“If you want to look beautiful you have to suffer”, but epilation can be postponed to the following days, since during the menstrual cycle there is a decrease in estrogen, with the consequent increase in pain sensitization .

It is therefore advisable to plan certain activities at different times.

The menstrual cycle, a regeneration

The menstrual cycle should not be considered a limiting time for the woman.

In the past, many false myths have been invented around the menstrual flow : it was said that you should not touch the plants during the cycle because they would die, or that you should not take a bath because of the risk of bleeding.

In reality, the female cycle is a real creative act , of both physical and spiritual renewal, which purifies the woman, regenerates the cells, removes decay and old age, modifies the body.

Often awareness of this strength is acquired only in menopause : when the discomfort of the monthly cycle is gone but also all its regenerating power and the skin begins to age, the skeletal system loses integrity, hair and teeth become impoverished.

Every age brings with it aspects that must be appreciated in their complexity and this can only happen if they are faced with conscious acceptance, serenity and relaxed rhythms.

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