Theta healing, description and benefits

Theta healing, description and benefits

Theta healing is the holistic healing technique, popularized by Vianna Stibal, based on the use of Theta-type brain waves . Let’s find out better.

>   What is  Theta healing

>   Benefits and contraindications

>   For whom  Theta healing is useful

>   The law in Italy and abroad

>   Curiosities about  Theta healing

Theta healing

What is  Theta healing

Theta healing represents an ancient holistic healing technique, brought back today by Vianna Stibal, an American naturopath and psychic (known to the chronicles) who registered its name and spread this method around the world. Theta healing is an energetic technique that revolves around the brain, DNA and spirituality. The technique exploits the natural ability to heal using Theta-type brain waves , a state of deep relaxation of the mind that allows you to immediately act on people’s inner reality, changing those beliefs and belief systems that strongly condition their existence. limiting its serenity.

In fact, according to theta healing, everything that happens is the result of our creation. Each of us attracts towards ourselves, just like a magnet, people and situations compatible with our own energetic frequency of the moment. By intervening on the reference energy, the subject is therefore able to attract what allows him to live his life to the fullest. Once learned, theta healing allows you to activate a rapid physical, emotional and spiritual healing process that operates directly at the DNA level. It can therefore be used for problems of any nature. Like many energy techniques, theta healing does not replace traditional medicine, but rather enriches and complements it, especially for energy healing. 


Benefits and contraindications of Theta healing 

In our brain, there are five different frequencies of brain waves : Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma, always in constant motion. Specifically, the Theta state is a state of deep relaxation that is activated while we dream or during a hypnosis session. These brain waves, slowed down to a frequency that is between 4-7 cycles per second, govern the part of our mind that is between the conscious and the unconscious, storing memories and sensations.
Among the benefits of Theta waves, science particularly recognizes the decrease in the state of stress and anxietyand deep physical and mental relaxation. There is a decrease in pain and endorphin release, while verbal ability and IQ performance are increased. 

The theta healing technique allows you to develop the ability to change the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, becoming a therapeutic guide for oneself. Negative emotions, so-called toxic, are believed to be responsible for diseases and ailments, while the power of thought has a direct effect on our health. Then it is the mind that can influence the body in creating optimal health . Theta healing is therefore characterized as a work on beliefs and feelings, capable of providing the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive states, capable of bringing well-being.


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For whom it is useful

Everyone can consciously reach the Theta frequency and use it for therapeutic purposes on themselves and others. In the Theta state, it is possible to modify subjective reality through specific applications of the technique. In everyday life, each of us often holds or projects beliefs completely unconsciously. Often they are unconscious beliefs, which we do not know. This type of thoughts can belong to childhood or come from experiences handed down to us genetically or even belong to a collective unconscious. Theta healing is able to allow the discovery of these beliefs and to change them. 

Through theta healing , it is possible to quickly reactivate all our psychic senses and also recover those talents that we can no longer use. With this technique, in fact, one learns to refine the ability to see and hear on a psychic level, both in everyday life and through dreams, visions and subtle perceptions. It is possible to recover lost memories about places and people; memories lost during states of shock, accidents, anesthesia; creating positive feelings, reading on various levels and producing manifestations. 


The law in Italy and abroad

ThetaHealing® is today a registered trademark. All teachers and practitioners must have been officially trained. The teachers have the qualification to teach ThetaHealing® only after having obtained the certification from Vianna Stibal, the only current trainer and founder of the technique. All practitioners must have been certified by the official ThetaHealing® teachers. As described, ThetaHealing® has been present in Italy since 2002, thanks to the meeting of Daniele Sordoni and Vianna Stibal. The presence of ThetaHealing® abroad is massive: Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania. 

Curiosities about Theta  healing

But what is it that Vianna Stibal, founder and custodian of the brand, later discovered? In 1995, Vianna is a naturopath , massage therapistand psychic. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with bone cancer which was destroying her femur. Doctors insisted on amputating her leg. Single mother with three children, Stibal had experimented with all types of conventional and non-conventional therapy, not finding positive results. She then applied the simple technique she used in her healing client readings. Thanks to this technique, she was able to instantly heal her leg which, after being nearly eight centimeters shorter than her left, quickly returned to its normal size. This is what is reported by Vianna Stibal, complete with documents. Doctors also confirmed her recovery with a negative biopsy. On the other hand, there are several scam testimonies relating to the healings carried out by the founder of the method.


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