These 8 light foods make you fat

These 8 light foods make you fat

Light foods that make us fat, is it ever possible?
Yet it seems that this is the long-term effect: from the not quite harmless additives of some apparently healthy foods, such as carrageenan , to the doctors who advise against the consumption of light drinks and foods with artificial sweeteners, the list of foods unsuspected that are bad for the metabolism is long.

Light foods are basically divided into two types.

  1. Light foods because without sugar / sucrose (but with artificial sweeteners or mix of artificial sweeteners, including sucralose, polyols, aspartame, acesulfame k, etc.) + salt, various additives and preservatives, added fats, sometimes still hydrogenated, as emulsifiers or fibers not really friendly to all the intestines (agar agar, xanthan gum, etc.) used as agglomerants.
  2. Light foods because they are fat-free: but with added sugar or flavorings and salt, plus additives and thickeners.

In this article, however , you will see not only a list of light foods where the wording is shown on the label as a “light product”, but in general of foods that, due to their low calories or their “healthy” aspect, we wrongly consider dietary.

Now let ‘s see the updated list of dietary foods that risk making us fat more because we tend to eat them more and we tend to eat more in general. And finally, they can even slow down the metabolism, changing our bacterial flora for the worse, stimulating specific receptors in the hypothalamus that communicate with our intestine.


  1. Light drinks with zero or few calories.

    Let us return to the first case, that is, sugar substitutes. According to some research, these sugar-free drinks stimulate insulin production through the hypothalamus, where they activate receptors. Other studies link the use of light drinks to cardiovascular problems.

  2. Cereal bars: how to resist?

    Besides, they only have 90 calories. But among the ingredients we find puffed cereals, with the addition of wheat, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors and various syrups plus emulsifiers, therefore fats such as lecithins. It is true that they are low in calories, but it is also true that these bars do not satiate at all, pay attention to them. At this point it is better to eat a spoonful of white sugar, if you really want to get more sugar. It’s pretty much the same and that’s 40 calories. Without other additions.

  3. Protein bars

    They often have an ingredient list that feels like reading a book. In addition to the use of artificial sweeteners, some harmful to the bacterial flora such as polyols, we have fiber gums or powders, protein mixes from soy, casein, whey, lecithins, artificial flavors, etc. Snacks have fewer harmful ingredients.

    Furthermore, the fact that they are protein does not mean that they are also dietary. For some brands, that’s 250-280 calories per bar.

    250 calories correspond to 150 grams of cottage cheese with 150 grams of spinach and a level teaspoon of oil, to two medium scrambled eggs with 300 grams of mushrooms and a teaspoon of butter, to 170 grams of 0% white yogurt. of fat with 30 grams of oat flakes and a teaspoon of honey.
    Protein and natural mini-meals that satiate much more.

    And they only have 3 ingredients. Ultimately they are ok for an occasional snack. If they are a habit it is better to think again.

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