The tanning diet that makes you lose weight

The tanning diet that makes you lose weight

As I have explained many times, spring and summer are the key seasons for those who want to lose weight.

The reasons are numerous, but the most important is undoubtedly the sun which has both an anti-stress and nourishing effect, allowing the skin to absorb vitamin D during the hottest hours.
Then there are seasonal fruits and vegetables which offer much more hydration and are naturally consumed more.


One of the diets that I can recommend when it’s hot and you have little time to stay in the kitchen is the tanning diet: this diet that you will read below not only stimulates the tan, but regulates the balance between vitamin D and vitamin A.

In fact, increasing the levels of vitamin D risks having a reduction in vitamin A. A bit like vitamins C and E, these two important fat-soluble vitamins regulate themselves.
A tanning diet that allows us to improve health and lose weight must therefore also include foods that naturally contain vitamin A.

Because if we go to the sun, nutrients are all important.

I recommend these foods and not just those rich in beta-carotene (provitamin A) for a reason.
Excess beta-carotene may not be converted into vitamin A, especially if we have thyroid problems and digestive difficulties or intestinal malabsorption.
Furthermore, the effect of an excess of beta-carotene stimulates the tan, but gives an orange color to the epidermis.
So if you find in the magazine a tanning diet with “binges” of apricots, cooked carrots, etc., know that excess risks coloring your skin too drastically.

The effect of beta-carotene to protect against sunburn is also debated: some studies on people speak of temporary protection , others of null effect .
Furthermore, beta-carotene-based supplements should be avoided, especially if we are active or passive smokers .

So, as you can see, nutrition plays a key role in tanning, but it must be corrected!

On page 2 we see how to do a tanning diet that also has a slimming effect with a moderately low calorie 1450 calorie plan. This plan, based on simple foods that we can also enjoy on the beach, can make us lose 2-3 kg per month without effort. With little tricks, the tanning diet can be our summer diet.

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