The strange diets of the advertisements of the past

The strange diets of the advertisements of the past

Strange diets, often unhealthy or even dangerous, which were recommended in advertisements from the early twentieth century and up to the sixties and seventies: the Daily Mail publishes a series of embarrassing advertising campaigns to say the least , which promote absurd methods to lose weight, as well as really strange diets, like that of the sandwich. But they all have one characteristic: they are very old advertising campaigns, which however make us understand a lot about the fact that the run-up to the miraculous method to lose weight has always existed. If you think you’ve seen them all , here are the strange diets and risky remedies that stood out in the advertisements of the past. 

1) The tapeworm diet:
 it was already advertised at the beginning of the 20th century.  There were companies that advertised these very dangerous intestinal parasites for weight loss. In convenient sterilized trays. For heaven’s sake, hygiene above all. The hospital can only follow.
2) The peanut butter sandwich diet: it was called the “Jif Diet”, and it was the slimming method of the Jif company, which produced peanut butter in America in the 1950s / 1960s. According to the Jif diet, you could lose weight by “eating three sandwiches of white bread and peanut butter with two glasses of milk” before main meals. Doubling Calories to Lose Weight: Gosh, Why Didn’t I Think About It Before?

3) The sugar diet: before every meal, why not eat a dessert? Maybe a nice ice cream cone? This is what Sugar Information promoted in the seventies. If you are hungry it means you need sugar. It seems to my mother when she said that potatoes were vegetables (er, hello mom, no offense eh).
4) The cigarette diet:  yes. What’s better than a Lucky Strike instead of food? Heavy smoking makes you go hungry, according to an old advertisement for this well-known brand of cigarettes.
5) The soap diet: do you want to lose weight? Wash yourself. More than one company at the turn of the century produced “anti-obesity soaps” with unknown ingredients. If you run through the forest for 10 kilometers before taking a bath, it may well be that you lose weight like that.
6) The corset diet: alas, this sore has remained. I’m talking about it here.
7) The portable sauna diet : even here, today there are slimming shorts that make you sweat more, but do not lose weight. This torture has come in various forms over time, and in the 1970s shorts resembling large inflatable rubber lifebuoys were advertised. Excellent at the sea in August, to act as a living dinghy and occasionally as a grill for the barbecue.
And then pills, elastic bands, slimming music records: all these things are almost consoling seen now and make us feel less stupid. In the sense that even before, people wasted money in vain to lose weight.

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