The slimming soup to replace lunch

The slimming soup to replace lunch

A slimming soup but nutritionally balanced, ideal as a meal replacement for the winter, very simple to make, and to be done for at least a week as a quick detox to lose 1-2 kilos .

The recipe comes from renowned Indian doctor Shikha Sharma, director of the Indian NutriHealth clinic and author of two weight loss bestsellers, including 101 Tips for Weight Loss.

It is a soup of legumes and vegetables, which can be varied by choosing different options from the list of ingredients and combining them. The soup should be replaced at lunch , and accompanied by a deflating herbal tea with fennel seeds or detoxifying with gentian or burdock. The rest of the day however, you should eat normally, and not eat more.

So the slimming soup works if we don’t eat more than usual for the rest of the day but follow the usual food routine. For example, breakfast unchanged, lunch with slimming soup, dinner with a second protein plus vegetables and a little bread or fruit, snacks as usual. Let’s see the recipe.


Ingredients per person.

  • 125 grams of fresh or frozen peas (not dried), weighed raw.
  • 300 grams of vegetables of your choice or in combination with: leeks, mushrooms, cauliflower, courgettes, beets, celery, fennel, weighed raw.
  • Aromatic herbs such as coriander, parsley, sage, rosemary, and spices including turmeric plus pepper, curry, chilli, saffron. Very little salt.
  • One cup of non-cube vegetable broth or one cup of beef broth. Alternatively, water, 250 ml.Method. 
    Stew the vegetables with peas and spices with one or two tablespoons of water and a pinch of salt, over low cooking, in a pot or pan with a lid. Five minutes before they are well done (really well done), add the herbs. Finally, blend everything with a cup of hot water or broth.
    Serve the soup hot or warm.
    Finish the meal with a sugar-free fennel seed or burdock tea.
    Don’t eat anything else for lunch. She also recommends a simple valerian or songino salad with a teaspoon of oil, a grated carrot and apple cider vinegar before dinner to maximize weight loss results. Kcal 200.

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