The scandal of the “macrobiotic sect”

The scandal of the “macrobiotic sect”

Not just any macrobiotic diet, but the hypothesis that behind the application of the protocol of the Ma-Pi macrobiotic diet a real sect would have been formed in the Marche area , an organization that would have evaded the tax authorities and forced free labor. its followers. Undoubtedly very heavy accusations, but they come from reliable sources : according to what is now known from the first news, there was an “anti-sect” operation in the macrobiotic sector by the police of Ancona and Forlì , with the support of the Anti-cult squad of the central operational service of the state police.

And to be investigated and “vanquished” was a Marche-Emilian community that based the rules of life of its members according to the Ma-Pi macrobiotic diet (from the initials of its creator). However, these rules were becoming more and more restrictive, not only in terms of food, but also in terms of society and work.
The creator of the diet, a well-known person in the scientific community, would also be the entrepreneur believed to be the head of the sect.
“The entrepreneur – explains the  Deputy Commissioner of the State Police Carlo Pinto, director of the Ancona Mobile Squad – had obtained an honorary degree in Mongolia, and psychologically subjected his victims to the point of convincing them to pay him money that would have been used for the construction of a special private clinic “. 
Those who joined the sect were forced to work for free , to gradually follow the most restrictive diets according to the protocol (the five Ma-Pi diets) and were led to believe that the macrobiotic diet made people recover from incurable diseases.  Too bad that, as I have already stressed many times, no diet “cures” serious diseases.

The investigation lasted years, and started with the 2013 complaint of a girl, an ex-victim of the head of the sect.
At the moment there are five people under investigation. 
In addition to tax evasion, this well-known association is charged with the crimes of criminal association aimed at enslavement, mistreatment and aggravated injuries.


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