The Prolon diet to combat intestinal inflammation

The Prolon diet to combat intestinal inflammation

The DMD or fasting mimicking diet or Prolon diet is the protagonist of a study that would reveal its effectiveness against chronic intestinal inflammation diseases.
That is, disabling diseases such as ulcerative colitis or Chron’s disease.

According to a new study from the University of Southern California, published in Cell Reports , in fact, it was seen that the Prolon diet has cured a group of mice suffering from chronic intestinal inflammation.

And at the same time it has been shown to be beneficial for the reduction of symptoms in people suffering from diseases caused by intestinal inflammation, currently involved in a promising trial.


According to Valter Longo, greater benefits against intestinal inflammation would be obtained by applying a double strategy.
On the one hand, a diet on a daily basis rich in fruit, vegetables, olive oil and nuts.

On the other hand, the Prolon diet , to be done as a protocol every now and then, for example once every two or three months.
The combination of these interventions reduces the symptoms of intestinal inflammation and its extent, improving the quality of life of those suffering from related chronic diseases.

In fact, in the experiment on mice, it was found that a normal fast does not improve symptoms or lead to the regression of inflammation.
Therefore it is not the fasting itself or the caloric restriction alone, but the effectiveness of the fasting-mimicking kit that has reported excellent results.


* The study states that the University of Southern California has a proprietary interest in the L-Nutra company and could receive revenues from the sale of the Prolon diet kit.
Dr. Longo is also one of the authors of the study.
However, this is taken into account and adequately evaluated by the Conflict of Interest Policy Commission of the same university. 

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