The perfect breakfast for those with diabetes? Abundant

The perfect breakfast for those with diabetes? Abundant

The perfect breakfast to lower blood sugar, and reduce insulin spikes throughout the day? It must be energetic and abundant, especially for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. The new study on which this dietary advice is based, conducted by the University of Tel Aviv and in particular directed by doctor and researcher Daniela Jakubowicz , explains that an energetic and abundant breakfast in the morning is the best way to reduce glycemic and insulin peaks during the day, making us less hungry at lunch and dinner, promoting a healthy weight and slimming, better setting the metabolism, which would respond differently depending on what the sugar intake is done in the morning as opposed to in the evening.This does not mean excluding carbohydrates at dinner or the rest of the day , but preferring in the morning to eat some sweet foods, always with an eye on both quality (glycemic index) and quantity (glycemic load). I had already talked about this study when the first data, which concerned the glycemic curve, were known, but today the study in its entirety explains that this same method, that is to have a hearty breakfast, a balanced lunch and a “maintained” dinner lose weight.

In fact, with the same calories , it was seen that the people who ate more in the morning, in the new study, lost more weight in a low-calorie diet, compared to those who ate more in the evening: moreover, this practice reduced blood sugar in the blood.
Furthermore, those who ate more in the morning, and included a greater proportion of carbohydrates in this time, had less desire for sweets during the day, and less hunger.
Another thing that was seen in the study is that reducing the amount of food to three main meals instead of having five or six small ones, leads to an improvement in blood sugar and promotes weight loss.
On page two I show you some examples of the perfect breakfast for those who want to lose weight and normalize their blood sugar.

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