The one week weight loss fruitarian diet: the scheme

The one week weight loss fruitarian diet: the scheme

The Fruitarian Weight Loss Diet is a regimen inspired by Graham’s fruitarian diet.
It is based on weight loss and detoxification through the consumption of fruits, vegetables (which are fruits), some tubers to be eaten preferably raw (but cooked is fine although raw is encouraged), oilseeds and raw and vegan protein sources in moderation.

Weight is easily lost thanks to a natural diet , decidedly low in fat (from 30 to 40 grams per day if we include sources such as avocado, seeds, nuts), moderate in protein (40-50 grams per day) and rich in carbohydrates from the fruit and vegetables.

The body is pushed to burn more sugars than normal, the metabolism rises, digestion improves and proteins are saved for the processes of maintaining muscle mass, but not used to compensate for carbohydrates ( protein sparing effect ).

In this article we see a slimming fruitarian diet scheme , with a moderate caloric intake of 1300/1400 calories, according to the advice of holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque.

Although the advice for those who follow a fruitarian diet is to eat to their fill, in order to include the right protein requirement with the variety of fruits and vegetables and accustom the body to better manage simple carbohydrates without stressing it with small portions.

In fact, a vegan diet is called fruitarian diet that allows a consumption of at least 50/75% of fruit per day.

Fruitarians generally eat raw food, but in order to avoid digestive problems, it is allowed according to subjective sensitivity, to add some cooked food such as plantains, potatoes, white rice, corn pasta.

However, the idea is to consume as many simple carbohydrates and as few starchy sources as possible.

Let’s see on page two the advantages for weight loss and the disadvantages of the fruitarian weight loss diet.

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