The oil that dissolves belly and hip fat

The oil that dissolves belly and hip fat

A massage oil that works to reduce localized adiposity in the belly and hips, if used every day, with a vigorous massage, and obviously taking into account that every aesthetic remedy alone does not work the miracle. In this article we see the advice of the French doctor Danielle Festy , expert in phytotherapy and essential oils.

The doctor proposes a recipe to make at home for a massage oil that is a real marvel, she explains, when combined with a little exercise to do every day: the result is a significant reduction in the accumulation of fat on the stomach and hips.
The secret of her massage oil lies in the use of essential oils with a lipolytic effect, which act by reducing adipocytes.

  • Here is Doctor Festy’s fat melt oil recipe for belly and hips.
    30 drops of Atlas cedarwood
    essential oil 30 drops of grapefruit essential oil
    30 drops of Juniperus Virginiana cedarwood essential oil
    60 drops of calophyll oil

Doses for the massage: one teaspoon, every day.

Precautions: Store the product in a plastic container and keep it away from light and heat.
Do not expose yourself to the sun after use,
 so prefer the afternoon or evening as a moment of the massage.
Combine swimming, aquafitness, rope jumping or a HIIT program with walking and running for greater results.

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