The obsession with weight

The obsession with weight

balance obsessionHow much time do you spend thinking about your body weight? This is what Dr.  Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan , dietician, asks of you on the pages of the Huffington Post , in an article in which he asks people, for their mental and physical health, to stop obsessing over weight. .
Most people who, rightly or wrongly, are excessively worried about their body weight , according to the doctor, associate negative thoughts not only with weight, but with their way of living life. In short, he tends to make a drama out of it which, however, worsens his relationship, not the food.

The doctor therefore suggests not to fixate on negative feelings about our body. For example:
“Why am I not losing weight? What’s wrong with me? ” (unless there are problems there is nothing wrong)
“What problem do I have? Why are the others thin and I’m not? ” (it is not the diet that works wonders, but a different diet and lifestyle).
“I will become an old, lonely and fat woman” (typical phrase of women who are unsure about their appearance).
All these attitudes are deleterious for the dietician also in view of a weight loss : in general, being hypercritical and obsessed with weight does not lead to a faster weight loss, but to a strong stress that affects both our self-esteem and our our relationship with food. Obviously making it worse.
The solution? Making choices and pursuing them without doubts or hesitation:proper nutrition, a healthier and more active lifestyle. Forget about the scale and your appearance but think about health, excluding from our table all the things we know well are bad for us. Sugar, saturated fat, refined carbohydrates. Not only would we feel more in control of our life, but we will immediately feel better about ourselves.
And the weight? We lose weight differently from others. But this is the right way: healthy eating and physical activity. The results will not be long in coming.

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