The nutritionist’s fast and healthy winter smoothie

The nutritionist’s fast and healthy winter smoothie

The recipe for this winter smoothie comes to us from Dr. Maria Papavasileiou , nutritionist and creator of the Personalized Diet page , which now boasts nearly one million members. Every day the doctor offers delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so much so that she even made a book about it, Mangia Smart , which we talked about here .
Today we see precisely one of his recipes for a winter smoothie rich in vitamin C and fiber , ideal for those who have to remove the stress and nervous hunger of the afternoon but especially useful for intestinal regularity (I therefore recommend using a ripe kiwi). Perfectly balanced and vegan, with no added sugar and obviously lactose-free, here it is. I calculated the portions of fruit to have the equivalent of a full glass and a maximum of 150 calories of smoothie. Obviously those who want can increase the quantity of fruit: my quantities are for a fairly creamy smoothie.

For a portion equal to about 300 gr of smoothie (a full glass)
– a 125 gr package of soy yogurt such as Alpro Bianco Naturale  or Yosoi Naturale Valsoia
– 100 gr of pear (type Abate)

– 80 gr of kiwi

Blend all the ingredients and drink immediately. You can customize the winter smoothie to your liking with fresh ginger or Ceylon cinnamon.

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