The Noom diet, lose weight without regaining it with an app

The Noom diet, lose weight without regaining it with an app

It’s called Noom , and it’s an app that has become so famous that the so-called “Noom diet” is the most searched for by users on the net after the intermittent fasting diet, which has earned the top spot.
But what is Noom?


It is an app that works very well to lose weight without regaining it, as long as you know the English language.
In fact, this revolutionary app, born in 2008, can be useful as long as you know English well, because it does not work as a pure and simple calorie counter app but gives those who join the program a network of experts, including nutritionists, psychologists and professional coaches.

The goal of the Noom diet is in fact to personalize the weight loss of those who use it as much as possible.

To do this, you need to answer a detailed questionnaire, upload a list of foods and the activities that usually take place. The questionnaire asks if there are any health problems, how many times you eat in a day and what, if there have been events that led to being overweight, if you live in the city or in the province.

Then you are asked how much you agree on certain phrases. For example: my problem is due to low motivation . Or: sometimes a little thing risks making me screw everything up.

On the food front, however, you are asked if you usually eat out or at home, if you have intolerances or allergies, the time of day when you feel hungrier.

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