The natural drainage with strawberries and citrus fruits

The natural drainage with strawberries and citrus fruits

A flavored water that acts as a natural drainage , getting rid of excess liquids and making the diet easier to follow: it is the water with strawberries, cucumbers and citrus fruits of which I will give you the recipe in this article, perfect if we have some strictly organic strawberries and we want to exploit them with a special and harmless do-it-yourself cure to help the body’s natural purification. To drink in the morning and early afternoon to enhance its detox action. 

a cup of chopped strawberries
a cup of peeled cucumber, sliced ​​2 organic lime wedges including the peel or half a pink grapefruit without peel or a fresh
citron mint leaves, a handful for a ‘ anti-inflammatory action: sliced ​​fresh ginger (3-4 cm

How to do the natural drainage . The doses are for about one and a half liters of water. Simply cut the fruit and vegetables into pieces and put them in a jug, add the fresh mint leaves and possibly the ginger, fill the jug with a liter and a half of mineral water with a low fixed residue and leave to infuse for at least an hour or two hours before drinking the first glass. Keep the water in the fridge if you will not use it immediately, otherwise keep it at room temperature.
Ideal to do it the night before, and then drink the first glass on an empty stomach, as soon as you wake up, before breakfast, and then drink the rest, concentrating more consumption up to an hour before lunch, and then leave 1-2 glasses in the early afternoon.
Of course, it can also be taken away from home!

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