The milkshake for weight loss Oreo taste

The milkshake for weight loss Oreo taste

Today I post the recipe for a  milkshake to lose weight,  with a secret ingredient that many like.
Oreo biscuits: the result
 is a tantalizing recipe useful as a meal replacement for dinner or lunch if we want to lose weight (for example, do it a week to lose a kilo), or as a compensation meal if we plan to overeat at the next meal (or we did this at the previous meal). In fact, this recipe has just over 211 calories, is protein and very satiating. Perfect for those who love sweets too much and would also eat them for lunch and dinner, it is ideal as a substitute for quick dinner.
If for breakfast we eat coffee plus a croissant or three slices of bread with jam, for lunch a simple mixed salad and fruit and for dinner this, we can stay in a low-calorie regime without even realizing it.
This clever use of Oreo cookies does the rest of the work: we will feel like we are making a break from the diet even though we will be drinking a milkshake to lose weight. For lovers of the ateat clean (no, biscuits no, full of additives and preservatives!) You can replace the biscuits with a tablespoon of wholemeal oat flakes and 20 grams of 99% extra dark chocolate. This way you will have something natural and equally tasty.

But I mind the chatter: let’s see the milkshake recipe for weight loss with Oreos, useful as a delicious substitute meal.

For two portions
200 gr of low fat / skimmed cottage cheese or 250 gr of skimmed quark
200 ml of skimmed milk + 150 ml of water
3 oreo biscuits (or a tablespoon of oat flakes and 20 gr of chocolate extra dark)
truvia to sweeten
vanilla flavor of your choice

Procedure: blend all the ingredients in a blender, to obtain about 2 glasses of slimming milkshake oreo flavor.
Being a double portion, I advise you to keep the other portion in the fridge in a shaker (or in an airtight container), and then take it out the next day if we want to continue the meal replacement experience.
Calories per serving: 211, 3.3 fats, 19 grams proteins, 24 grams carbohydrates (of which 19 grams sugars).

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