The low carb vegan weight loss diet: 2 kg away per week

The low carb vegan weight loss diet: 2 kg away per week

The low carb vegan weight loss diet is an Atkins type regimen designed with the exclusion of animal proteins, and in a transition phase that is not too restrictive in carbohydrates that can make you lose 2 kg per week and that can be kept on for two weeks with the scheme that I indicate below, while starting from the third week it is necessary to reintroduce carbohydrates by adding two 100 gr fruits as a snack. From the fourth week, a normal but moderate carbohydrate diet can be resumedadding 50 g of bread or 4 rusks + 50 g of whole grains or pasta, and reducing the amount of protein by half. In this way, you end up losing 5 kilos in one month without regaining the lost weight. In the first two weeks, the recommended activities to lose weight are aerobic and moderate: light running or brisk walking every day.
Here is the low carb vegan diet plan to follow for 2 weeks.

Breakfast (valid for every day): coffee of your choice without sugar or with sweetener.
Cocoa Vegetable Protein Powder : a shake (click on the link) or shake with 1 scoop of chocolate isolated soy protein (any brand is good).

For other vegan foods, if they are not available from the bio, I recommend this site:
In the burger and cold cuts section you will find all the products for the diet. Avoid alternative products to those included in the diet unless they have 0 to maximum 4/5 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Lunch: Monday: a plate of grilled vegetables (no tomatoes, no carrots, no pumpkin, no potatoes, no green beans) with 50 g of boiled chickpeas (so about two tablespoons) sautéed in a pan with 100 g of seitan, a teaspoon of oil . Tuesday: veg omelette made with 20 g of chickpea or lupine flour, courgettes, 100 g of tofu (blend the ingredients and put them in the oven) + green salad mixed at will with a teaspoon of oil

Wednesday: green salad at will with 150 gr of raw champignons, rocket, 5 walnuts and 100 gr boiled lentils, a teaspoon of oil or veg pesto
Thursday: natural tofu curry (100 gr) stewed in a pan with a spoonful of milk of coconut, courgettes, onions or spring onions, curry powder or turmeric + rocket salad with a teaspoon of oil
Friday: carpaccio of lupine or mopur salami (125 gr) with raw spinach at will and a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, + one of oil
Saturday:  125 gr grilled tempeh with half an avocado in a salad with lettuce and a teaspoon of veg mayonnaise (as an alternative to tempeh: a mopur burger)
Sunday:2 grilled vegan sausages with grilled courgettes, peppers and aubergines and a teaspoon of oil. 

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