The lipophidic diet to lose 25 kilos

The lipophidic diet to lose 25 kilos

It is called a lipophidic diet, and it is a food program that allows you to lose 25 kilos in about 3-4 months, followed by as many months of maintenance.
But where does the lipophidic diet come from, and what exactly is it?
Let’s see it step by step.

The lipophid diet is not a new weight loss diet.
It has been on the web for about five years. This diet has spread in some countries, such as Spain, Chile, Hungary or Poland, Italy, while elsewhere it is almost unknown. The name also means nothing.
Originally the name lipophilic diet is found , where lipophilic means that it binds to fat.
In fact, this diet was born from a Spanish company , which associates the food plan with a supplement to be taken three times a week, replaceable with the indications that I will give you.
However, its effectiveness remains.

I have collected many testimonials in Spanish and Italian, and actually those who followed the lipophidic diet lost even thirty kilos in 4 months. There are two secrets behind the lipophidic diet.

  1. The choice of natural and low-fat foods, while any prepared or industrial food is banned.
  2. The other is the chronodietetic factor: that is, you eat, even in the form of small snacks, every hour and a half or every two hours (for convenience it is better every two hours). A meal can also be understood as a glass of skimmed milk.


In this diet, only permitted foods are eaten, fresh and not canned, not preserved in any way.
It is cooked without added fats.
It is imperative to eat every two hours maximum. Or drink something from the foods allowed.
Only natural foods should be consumed, i.e. fruits, vegetables, lean proteins.

The supplements to add to the diet are:
– a spirulina algae supplement, in dry extract, to be taken once a day, in the morning.
Here is what I recommend. Organic spirulina 500 mg with 19% raw phycocyanin – 600 vegan tablets – Organic product
– two cups of green tea a day, without sugar or sweeteners.

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