The light and detox cream with sweet potatoes and turmeric

The light and detox cream with sweet potatoes and turmeric

This light cream provides about 200 calories, and is very digestible, with a low glycemic impact and creamy. Ideal as a compensation meal, substitute meal, light lunch or dinner, paleo, gluten free and lactose free . Perfect for those suffering from swollen stomach and digestive problems, anti-inflammatory and very nutritious thanks to its nutritional profile. It can be enjoyed hot or lukewarm.
Here is the recipe, adapted from the website

For one serving
– A cup of meat broth or bone broth (a homemade vegetable broth is fine for those who are vegan, but the first option is more suitable for those with digestive problems and intestinal), i.e. about 250 ml of broth
 100 ml of coconut milk with at least 60% coconut, for example Tibiona Latte di Cocco, Aroy-D, Probios, Rapunzel (does not mean the coconut milk drink type Alpro)
– 100 gr of sweet potato (raw weight), orange or white flesh, reduced to small pieces or alternatively 100 gr of cassava or taro or otherwise 100 gr of Jerusalem artichoke: no to normal potatoes
a piece of fresh ginger (optional )

a heaping teaspoon of turmeric
a pinch of black or white pepper,
parsley or fresh coriander,
salt to taste

Instructions for the light cream soup: boil the sweet potato into small pieces with a little water, the turmeric, ginger, salt and pepper, drain well, remove the ginger, blend it with part of the water or purée it with a fork, as long as is homogeneous. Mix the puree of potato with spices obtained with the meat broth and coconut milk in a saucepan, and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Finish the dish with a handful of parsley or fresh cilantro. You can garnish with freshly toasted fennel seeds for a more deflating result. Serve immediately. 

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