The kidney stone diet or low oxalate diet

The kidney stone diet or low oxalate diet

The kidney stone diet is a diet that has specific preventive characteristics to the formation of kidney stones or renal colic. It is a diet that limits foods that contain oxalates, provides adequate supplementation and focuses on greater hydration with specific waters.
Let’s see in detail what the diet for kidney stones consists of.


The kidney stone diet consists of applying three simple rules to avoid the formation of kidney stones and kidney colic. Or.

  1. Greater consumption of water with a low fixed residue, in doses of at least two liters per day.
    Examples of waters with a low fixed residue are for example Sant’Anna, Billa, Levissima, Lauretana. Most of the consumption of this water must take place from early morning until 3-4 in the afternoon. Before breakfast, it is also better to drink a glass of acidulated water with a few drops of lemon juice (not half, not one!).
  2. Reduction or elimination of foods that contain oxalates, reduction of salt, excessive consumption of proteins.
    See food list on page two.
  3. I use citrates such as BasenPulver or, a brand that I have always recommended and used with success for its economic convenience and the absence of additives or sweeteners, Leppin – Magnesium + Potassium .
    Working with citrates is a great way to prevent stones, acidity and reflux problems and promote proper purification, but you need to start gradually, for example by taking one tablet once a day after lunch or dinner, and then get to two- three tablets maximum, this to avoid small intestinal discomfort.

Let’s see which foods to prefer and which ones to limit or eliminate in the diet for kidney stones

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