The fit mom regains weight and stops being a guru

The fit mom regains weight and stops being a guru

Maria Kang, famous for having raised a media fuss following her marketing campaign “what’s your excuse?” (what’s your excuse?), in which the former queen who became a mother celebrated the new image of a fit and thin woman despite her children and a full-time job, she apologized . She wanted to be an example for all women who fight against extra pounds, especially mothers, and with an extreme diet and a lot of gym she had become a new person . From there, a few years ago she launched a book about her rebirth and a weight loss program entitled “ No More Excuses Diet”(The diet with no more excuses), hence the No-Excuse campaign, in which he basically said: if you don’t lose weight it’s because you are looking for excuses, that is, you are justifying yourself. If you say you are not losing weight because you have children, these are excuses. Not losing weight because you are too busy are excuses.
I am a mother, I have three children, a full time job and I have lost weight anyway.
Etc. Clearly the people of the web turned against her.

I’ve already talked about this story here.
Following the controversy, Maria had changed her fit mom campaign a bit : so she had shown herself with stretch marks and wrinkles of fatigue to say that, in short, she had abs but she was a mother like everyone else . More fuss.
Finally, since last year, Maria Kang admitted to gaining weight , due to stress, depression, quarrels with her husband and so many other things that at one time, for others, she thought were just excuses, and it seems having learned a little the lesson about the fact that we are all human, and that keeping fit and eating healthily is one thing, saying that the difficulties of others are just excuses is another. 

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