The exceptional benefits and properties of green tea. But does it also make you lose weight?

The exceptional benefits and properties of green tea. But does it also make you lose weight?

Yes, green tea has its benefits too.

In fact, it is very likely that you have already heard of the many benefits and properties of green tea .


Then I’ll tell you about it here.

Green tea, grown in deep Asia , is a real natural medicine that over the centuries has increasingly convinced doctors and scientists of its beneficial properties, making the consumption of the drink a real cure-all, a natural and homeopathic remedy for a lot of disturbances, more or less great.

Tea is perfect in every season of the year, it can be drunk hot in winter, as an herbal tea , and cold in summer, as a completely natural thirst quencher with no added sugar.

But let’s go specifically and understand, in the following sections, what green tea is, how it should be sold and used.

Both in capsules and tablets , and as an extract , what are the benefits and properties, such as laxative , draining, cosmetic properties and whether it is really effective for weight loss.

The contained quantity of caffeine, through specific studies, has shown that the draining capacity of tea, combined with the sense of satiety, gives excellent results in terms of weight loss .

Green tea makes you lose weight

What is green tea

Index Article

Green tea, known for millennia in the East, in recent years has become very famous in our country for its characteristics and its benefits.

In fact, tea has antioxidant and antiviral properties , fights free radicals and therefore aging and has excellent dietary properties.

The tea is sold either as an extract to be added to water in herbal medicine shops, where green tea extract can then be requested directly, or as a supplement, as an addition in green tea capsules to be taken during the day or green tea tablets. they can be diluted throughout the day.

The numerous properties are proven by numerous studies that are based on the chemical components of which green tea is rich:

  • catechins
  • alkanoids such as caffeine
  • vitamins
  • essential oil
  • flavonoids
  • minerals

Catechins are a group of antioxidant substances.

They have proven properties in helping the heart stay healthy and in having anti-cancer evidence. In fact, catechins block free radicals which tend to lead our body to aging and which are the cause of cholesterol problems and also bad DNA transformations with the onset of malignant tumors.

Catechins also keep blood pressure under control.

But this is only a very general picture of what are the almost miraculous properties of this drink that has come from far away.

Benefits and properties of green tea

The many benefits of green tea

One of the best known benefits of green tea is that it has laxative properties .

In fact, one of the first forms of use, even in times when the studies on green tea had not been so specific, we are talking about laxative properties. Our intestine, which sometimes needs a pit stop and regularization, is able, thanks to the nutrients contained in green tea, to resume its daily intestinal function.

Another of the most famous properties is precisely that of improving the skin , even protecting, in an evident way, from the possibility of contracting melanomas, therefore skin cancers.

You can think of using green tea extract with low-fat Greek yogurt for a very effective face mask .

It is also very good to use to refresh sunburned areas. Just put the tea in the fridge and then use a soft cloth to dab the areas of skin most damaged by the sun.

This small post-sea ritual can greatly soothe the burning without bringing any permanent discomfort to the skin.

The anticancer properties are also quite well known, especially in the use of green tea to fight a certain type of tumor, the uterine one , which some studies seem to have found less present in people who use or have made use of green tea daily.

The cosmetic properties , on the other hand, of tea are famous, especially thanks to the fight against free radicals and therefore also against skin aging.

It is proven, in fact, that drinking tea regularly makes the skin of our face brighter and more relaxed and this thanks to the flavonoids and polyphenols contained within the drink and which are used for tissue regeneration.

Precisely for this reason it has extraordinary properties against acne, managing to remove the infection from the inside, as antibacterial as it is, with the anti-inflammatory abilities that it finds, working on the skin lesion and pus, and healing it immediately.

For acne you can think instead of mixing tea with water and, even outside, purify the affected area with this mix of water and tea on a cotton ball.

Natural antibacterial has anti-inflammatory properties especially in the oral cavity and with the teeth. It also fights the annoying canker sores that are created with some deficiency in the immune system or some other type of bacteria found between the teeth, gums and throat.

The antioxidants of which it is composed, then, also fight the onset of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

The draining properties , on the other hand, are evident thanks to the content, however high, of caffeine which causes hunger to be broken and the fat deposited especially in the legs, with caffeine, melts.

Green tea contains a high amount of nutrients that promote hair growth . Catechins, in fact, are also able to stop hair loss by lowering the level of testosterone in that area which, in males, is also the one that causes hair to lose.

How to use the tea?

After shampooing, rub your hair with freshly brewed tea for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

It also seems that tea also has aphrodisiac properties . Our Chinese friends, for centuries, have in fact considered tea an essential foreplay to have excellent sex with your partner.

Green tea is not only natural, in fact we can find different tea scents, all very interesting.

We have jasmine green tea, mint green tea, bergamot green tea, blueberry green tea.

Jasmine green tea is one of the ten most popular teas in the world and is made from jasmine flowers and natural green tea. Excellent for skin aging, it detoxifies the body , lowers blood pressure and has anticancer properties. This type of tea is also very well known for stimulating the nervous system, so it fights depression and drowsiness by giving our body a great boost.

Mint green tea adds fiber and many minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, and sodium. Also as vitamins like C, B and D which help fight free radicals and stomach pain.

Bergamot green tea has great, rather specific properties. In fact, it fights bronchial asthma, bradycardia and glaucoma.

Green tea with blueberry increases, exponentially, the quality of antioxidants that green tea is already rich in, making this tea particularly suitable for what it has to do with aging, with the skin and with all the problems that they have to do with the bladder and inflammation of the bladder.

In the next section, however, I will talk about how green tea is essential for weight loss and how a daily use of tea can lead your body to lose fat and weight.

Green tea for weight loss

Green tea is normally used as a slimming tool also because with the high content of caffeine it is rich in, it is perfect as a drainage and to fight cellulite .

How Much Green Tea Can Be Used Per Day For Weight Loss?

Well, you can think of starting with a couple of cups a day and then arriving at a constant one-liter bottle to carry around during the day, to be sipped as you go.

On the other hand, how many tea tablets per day are good for weight loss? Some recent studies have considered 200 to 400 milligrams a day to be the perfect amount to be able to lose weight without major difficulties.

There are also those who use decaffeinated green tea to lose weight, precisely in order not to have difficulty with too much caffeine which in the long run could lead to stress and nervous system disorders (but we will talk about this in the next section, that of contraindications).

But how to take green tea for weight loss?

First of all, try not to exceed 5 cups a day (which is more or less the liter that I previously told you to sip during the day).

Do not take tea together with medicines , this could be quite annoying. Also because in some cases a situation could be created where it can be really annoying and dangerous, with pejorative consequences for the disorder.

Which green tea for weight loss? Chinese green tea for weight loss , the classic one, is already very interesting. However, we can think of optimizing the already great qualities of green tea with the great properties of ginger .

Ginger / Green Tea is a crazy pairing, extraordinary anti-bacterial and a gorgeous , all-natural fat burner.

A couple of herbal teas a day with a truly remarkable success rate on sedimented fat.

It is clear that when we talk about green tea to lose weight we always combine it with a balanced diet, certainly it is not that by eating a lot and without stopping then drinking tea will lose weight.

You must always eat healthy and then combine physical activity, even moderate. Tea is great, wonderful, it certainly helps you lose weight faster and more successfully but it’s not a liquid miracle.

You always have to help yourself to help your body feel good.

Green tea and contraindications

Contraindications of taking green tea

Of course, green tea is not just a miracle drink.

As in any case of abuse or excessive use , there are contraindications that should not be underestimated .

The first, perhaps even the most stupid but clearly evident, is that the excessive use of tea leads to major problems in the stomach , first of all with an incredible increase in acidity and therefore in the corrosion of the stomach walls with possible ulcers.

There is little point in drinking so much tea to try to lose weight if it can be ruined, in such a noticeable way, increasing the risk of hiatus hernia and gastroesophageal reflux or.

The contraindications on the thyroid are also interesting: excessive consumption of green tea can lead to an enlarged thyroid and therefore to problems related to hyperthyroidism , from mood swings to those of tempetura, from gaining weight to losing weight quickly.

The theine then contained in green tea, in combination with caffeine, can lead to problems of arterial hypertension . Previously I wrote to you that tea, drunk in the right quantities, can only be good for cholesterol and the heart.

But taken in industrial quantities, the tea does nothing but stimulate the pressure and the heart, creating great difficulty for those who would like to keep healthy and calm from the point of view of the nervous system.

Too much stimulation hurts, that’s clear.

What about green tea during pregnancy? I would also say: no, thanks .

Not because tea in general is bad for you, on the contrary from this article it is clear the opposite but in pregnancy, which is such an interesting and particular period, there is really no need to modify, in such an evident way, the hormonal balances and between the organs so delicate.

Especially green tea inhibits the absorption of folic acid , which is vitamin B9, which is essential for the development of the fetus.

Contraindications to the liver are instead linked to an overdose of tea that leads to a high level of toxicity, mainly due to too many polyphenols.

In short, rightly, any type of benefit related to tea is always linked to the use you make, how much tea you use, how you stay healthy.

We are talking about a drink that must be used always and in any case following the indications and the reaction that our body gives to the daily use of the drink.

Just don’t overdo it, as always, to lose weight faster, to lose weight in the shortest possible time.

Try not to get hurt, try not to overdo it, try to always think to the maximum for yourself, with a healthy body and an equally healthy mind.


This long excursus on green tea is a must when we find ourselves talking about one of the most used ingredients both for the beauty of our skin and for its detoxifying and slimming properties .

Green tea is considered a miracle drink, especially when used with some moderation but also with some consistency.

We are talking about a drink, if we use the extract, or even tablets and capsules that can be ingested, always in controlled quantities, during the day.

We are talking about a type of tea that is good for our body, good for cellulite, is draining, stimulates our brain, stimulates diuresis, regulates the intestine, is perfect as a detoxifier, is excellent as an anticancer, is antibiotic and anti- bacterial and is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Used well, without exaggerating, it is a real miracle.

It even manages to lose, in a short time, the sedimented fat, the most stubborn one. It is clear that if we continue to eat and drink without any restraint, we are not crying out for a miracle.

We only know that, in a controlled diet regime, a product like green tea can give a big hand in fast weight loss.

It is also widely used for the beauty of the skin, both as a pack and as a make-up remover tonic, because it smoothes and brightens the epidermis by fighting free radicals, indeed restructuring the tissues with a crazy regenerating seal.

However, we must always remember the best of formulas, in whatever context we are talking about: in medio stat virtus, that is moderation and balance always make everything much more usable.

When, in fact, we are faced with an exasperation in use, we also find ourselves facing a series of obvious problems. Our body begins to implode under the blows of a drink that is still rich in nutrients and a degenerative process begins.

From theine-related stress to a kind of polyphenol poisoning, to more serious problems such as stomach ulcers and enlarged thyroid.

So, as in all things, we aim for a slow, but long-lasting weight loss, without assuming that it may be better to lose a lot of weight in a short time.

It hurts, it hurts very badly and it does not lead to any results, since then we find ourselves, in almost all cases, to regain all the weight lost over the following months.

Yes to green tea, yes to the Asian miracle in any form you want but yes to diet and physical activity, without exceeding 5 cups of tea per day, the 400 mg of tea contained in capsules or tablets.

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