The dietary and draining 100-calorie soup

The dietary and draining 100-calorie soup

Do you love soups? I do, but the big problem with soups and the like is that they are often indigestible, and paradoxically cause water retention.

In fact, boiled vegetables retain their mineral salts, with the result that yes, we keep ourselves light, but after the meal we feel heaviness and swelling.

This diet soup is phenomenal.
With the right preparation and the right mix of ingredients it is particularly deflating, it is very low-calorie (104 calories per serving) but also has 5 grams of protein, 2 times more than an average serving of minestrone.

Ideal on its own as a compensation meal, or followed by lean meat or fish (120g) or 150g cottage cheese for a 250-calorie dinner!
Perfect, practically.

The recipe I got from the amazing site Eat this, not that!


For 4 servings.
A large stalk of celery, well cleaned and scraped
160 gr of white or coppery onion
250 gr of fennel (the bulb)
a piece of garlic
800 ml of meat or chicken broth (or water)
a teaspoon of olive oil
bay leaf, 2- 3

parsley leaves (to be added at the end)
salt and pepper in moderation
25 gr of light fresh cheese to serve or 50 gr of Greek yogurt total fage 0%

In a pan sauté the vegetables (onion, celery, garlic, fennel) after having chopped them in a mixer (or cut them into very thin pieces) with a teaspoon of oil, salt and pepper. Heat the broth with the bay leaf separately for ten minutes (or plain water), remove the bay leaves, add the cooked vegetables and blend everything in a mixer together with a handful of fresh parsley. Serve in four bowls, with a spoonful of light cream cheese or fat-free Greek yogurt.

Calories: 104. Fat 1.4 grams, 19 grams of carbohydrates of which 4.8 of fiber, 5.3 grams of protein.

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