The diet to lose belly and stomach

The diet to lose belly and stomach

The diet to lose belly and stomach is a very simple and customizable regimen, safe for losing weight because it is complete and balanced, which makes us lose 1 kg per week if we are women on average active but not engaged in particular sports activities.

This diet to lose belly and stomach not only guarantees immediate results, but also re-educates you in a healthy and correct diet thanks to the easy maintenance plan.

The advantages of the diet to lose weight belly and stomach are:

  • improved digestion right away
  • deflating effect visible after the first day
  • lowering of blood sugar
  • stress-free weight loss
  • increased consumption of natural foods
  • possibility to customize the plan.
  • just ten minutes a day to cut out for physical activity.
  • increased metabolism due to physical activity.


List of foods present in the diet with the recommended quantities.
I recommend that you print this page and the next one for references.

    • PROTEIN.

      Delactosed white Greek yogurt (150 g), soy milk with no added sugar (250 ml), partially skimmed delactosed milk (150 ml), egg whites (150 g), medium eggs (2), defatted cooked ham (80 g ), speck (50 g), raw ham (60 g), bresaola (60 g), tempeh (80 g), fermented tofu (80 g), cottage cheese (not with yogurt, 150 g), feta cheese (50 g ), lean quark (200 gr), Grana Padano or Parmesan cheese (40 gr), Asiago, Emmenthal or Gouda (40 gr), cow or buffalo ricotta (90 gr), buffalo mozzarella (50 gr), smoked salmon (65 gr), veal (100 gr), rabbit (120 gr), turkey breast (120 gr), cod (130 gr), plaice (100 gr), sea bream (100 gr), normal trout (100 gr), fresh salmon (80 gr), fresh or natural tuna (100 gr), squid and octopus (140 gr), mussels, clams and shrimps (150 gr net fruit).


      Sweet corn in a jar (120 g), basmati rice (50 g), non-wholemeal durum wheat pasta (50 g), soy noodles or rice noodles (40 g), couscous (50 g), durum wheat bread (not pan bauletto) (60 gr), peeled seasonal fruit (180 grams) except bananas, grapes, coconut, persimmons, while coconut (25 gr), banana (110 gr), grapes (120 gr), persimmons (120 gr ), vegetables (max 250 grams including cucumbers, fennel, mushrooms, tomatoes, aubergines, pumpkin, peppers, courgettes, soy sprouts, asparagus), leafy vegetables (max 100 gr), pavesini (one pack), bread without gluten (50 g), rusks (3), wasa slices (3), orange juice or sugar-free juices (200 ml).

    • FATS.

      Coconut oil (6 g), butter (9 g), olive oil (6 g), almonds (10), avocado (50 g), dark chocolate

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