The diet to increase female fertility

The diet to increase female fertility

Female fertility is at risk in many of us women, for a variety of reasons: from the stress of current life, to strict and do-it-yourself diets, to prolonged physical exercise, to the choice of typical foods of the Western diet that create a hormonal imbalance in women. It is no coincidence that more and more women today have both fertility problems and thyroid problems.
Diet can play a key role in increasing female and male fertility, even though the right foods are different for men and women. In addition to diet, rest, sleep, and a ban on calorie restrictions and overly intense training sessions can help.
In this article we see howincrease female fertility through the right foods and which foods to limit. We do this through the advice of the Natural Fertility website of Dr.  Hethir Rodriguez, herbalist, naturopath and specialist in holistic medicine.

1) Eat at least 7 servings of fruit and vegetables a day , raw and cooked, preferably organic and seasonal: the fertility diet is based on an increase in micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) and of antioxidants, but also on a higher fiber content.
2) Take whole, non-skimmed dairy products, local cheeses, especially raw milk (even every day, once a day) or, in case of problems with lactose and casein, sugar-free almond milk and hemp milk (li found in the bio). 3) Take antioxidant supplements:

for example spirulina algae powder. Excellent for increasing fertility: black cumin seeds also in powder and above all saffron (dry extract), almond flour.
4) Take fish at least 3 times a week: mostly the one rich in omega3 such as salmon and blue fish, but also halibut and cod / cod. Choose fish that are not farmed, but fresh or wild.
5) Eat grass-fed meat: Chianina, Fassona, Podolica among the Italian breeds less at risk of intensive farming. Ask the butcher you trust and remember: it is better to eat less meat but of better quality, than more poor quality meat. Avoid poultry and pork, unless you have the opportunity to eat real free-range chicken.
6) Eat only wholemeal foods (true wholemeal, no cruschetta) or better grains: wholemeal oats, brown rice and spelled are the best choices.
7) Avoid soy products.

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