The diet of Thai monks: they are all overweight

The diet of Thai monks: they are all overweight

Thailand has decided to put the monks on a diet. According to Thailand’s National Health Commission Office , there are 349,000 Buddhist monks in Thailand, but over half of them are obese or overweight. The reason according to the agency is that monks in Thailand eat what people offer them, and usually it is elaborate dishes, very high in calories.

At one time, the offers focused on poorer dishes and dishes, vegetables from the garden or fresh fish. Today, however, the faithful offer delicacies and dishes decidedly for days of celebration.

Traditionally, Thai monks eat from six in the morning by noon, and it is forbidden for them to eat in the afternoon or evening.
From noon onwards they can only drink. Always what is offered to them. And often these are sugary drinks.

By eating a diet that focuses on what the population offers, many monks today are diabetic without knowing it.

As a result, doctors often arrive too late. The monks undergo foot amputations, precisely because of diabetes which is not prevented or treated in time.

The old diet of Thai monks

The diet of Thai monks until now consisted of one or two meals a day, from dawn to noon. Tables laden with all Thai dishes that come from the faithful. After noon, drinks like Coke and fruit juices. But chocolate is also allowed.

The new diet of Thai monks

To ensure that Thai monks can lose weight and get back in shape, Dr. Jongjit Angkatavanich has provided an exercise plan that can be combined with the monks’ meditation activities, a ban on consuming sugary drinks from noon onwards but only water. or sugar-free herbal teas. Long walks, cleaning of common areas and gardens are among the planned activities.

In addition, younger monks and helpers were instructed to create healthier meals from people’s offerings including fish, vegetables and fruit. In fact, the monks cannot refuse donations, but can reduce the portions of rice-based dishes and double those based on vegetables, based on the macrobiotic diet .
This way Thai monks will be able to lose weight and reduce the risk of disease.

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