The diet for those who go to school: the rules for children

The diet for those who go to school: the rules for children

A school-going diet is difficult for your children of any age to follow . One of the main problems with the nutrition of children going to school today is that, compared to the past, every school is chock full of machines, with offers of cheap snacks, both sweet and savory. Having food always available is in fact an obstacle to any healthy diet . Think about what it’s like to have money on hand and an offer of candy and chips in every aisle.

The other problem is represented by peers, that is the peers of your children: children feel the need to integrate, and this is understandable, so even bringing something “healthy” from home means creating a difference between the behavior of friends and the They.

It therefore turns out that on average a boy who goes to school consumes from 500 to 800 calories divided into two or more snacks, or a snack and a sweet drink. In fact, a sweet chocolate bar contains about 250 calories, add a bottle of coke or a packet of chips and double the figure.

I personally find it pointless to try to check this pattern if you are a parent. Rather, a parent can monitor what their child consumes at home, and can also, with a little tact and without seeming intrusive, ask the child to inform him or her about the snacks eaten at school during the day.

This will make it easier for you to regulate yourself with the rest of your meals, for example by reducing sugars and fats.

The diet for those who go to school must in general follow the guidelines of the diet for every child or teenager: a breakfast in the morning that should not be skipped, a balanced lunch, a snack, dinner.

Instead, the kids end up skipping breakfast, overeating at school, snubbing lunch, eating too much as a snack, snubbing dinner or asking for unsuitable foods if consumed every day. On the other hand, the parent, worried that the child will not eat, tries to please him.

Can we try to correct this pattern? Somehow it can. On page two you will find practical tips to be able to control the diet for those who go to school in your family … without your children paying too much attention.

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