The detox program 3 days before the holidays

The detox program 3 days before the holidays

This 3-day detox program is a quick regimen to lose one pound, deflate belly, help with liver and intestinal health. It is a perfect mini-diet for those who have to go on vacation or plan a period of leisure or parties in which you know that you eat more or differently.

In short, it is a quick and prudent little program to be in great shape for holidays and bridges, but it also works as a subsequent compensation program. That is, if we have failed, drank or exceeded in a diet too rich in sugar or fat, this detox program is for us even afterwards.

We can then use it once in a while , for example once a month, if we want to get back in line and stay fit, or as an occasional weight maintenance protocol. Let’s see the scheme.


  • A kilo away, flat stomach, liver and intestinal cleansing. The recipes are on page two.
  • Breakfast.

    Detox drink with lemon and ginger, a glass + a glass of detox green juice.

  • Snack.

    Celery or cucumber with a teaspoon of oil and apple cider vinegar or lemon / lime juice.

  • Lunch.

    A portion of sashimi (6-7 pieces) and a miso soup, or
    100 gr of Scottish salmon / smoked red tuna / bresaola with mixed green salad to taste and a teaspoon of oil, or
    white fish fillet of your choice (120 gr ) steamed or in foil or 2 small boxes of natural tuna with salad (a small grated carrot, cucumbers or rocket and a teaspoon of oil, plus lemon juice), or
    a pound of roasted veal, zucchini or sautéed peppers with a teaspoon of oil in free quantity.

  • Snack.

    10 unsalted almonds

  • Dinner.

    A serving of Henry Bieler’s vegetable cream (simplified recipe) + a chia seed pudding.
    1 cup chamomile with lemon, hot, lukewarm, or cold with zero calorie sweetener.
    Let’s see the recipes on page two.

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