The cure for irritable bowel

The cure for irritable bowel

A continuous discomfort in the lower abdomen, nervousness, intestinal irregularity: it is the colon that does not give peace. Let’s find out the right cure for irritable bowel

The cure for irritable bowel

Why does the intestine get irritated?

There are several factors that cause the colon to become irritated, leading to the birth of irritable bowel syndrome . In fact, it is not only the poorly taken care of nutrition that causes intestinal disturbances and discomfort. Anxiety and stress can also cause abdominal tension and bloating.

Water retention can be another reason for a swollen belly, which occurs for example when there are hormonal imbalances in the body , especially in women, or it can be caused by excess sodium . Basically, an unbalanced diet, bad rest, prolonged use of drugs, food intolerances, stress, anxiety or other more serious dysfunctions and pathologies can be among the main causes of irritable bowel .

Symptoms generally are: pain in the lower abdomen, diarrhea or constipation , feelings of nausea and vomiting, urinary difficulties, headaches, nervousness and many more.

Let ‘s see what are the natural remedies for irritable bowel .

The cure with nutrition

Once we recognize the annoyance, let’s start by trying to understand how much the food factor is decisive. This does not present univocal solutions, but rather dependent on the type of organism. There are certain people, for example, who do not tolerate legumes (beans, chickpeas, broad beans, peas, lentils) or other types of vegetables, such as cabbage , cauliflower , onions , cucumbers , radishes . For these people such foods should be avoided. In other cases, the enemy of the intestine can be milk and its derivatives , which create gas, pain and abdominal swelling . While it is true that in some cases the fiber helps intestinal mobility and can be beneficial, in others it is irritating. Artificial sweeteners, fried or over-processed foods, jams, some types of fruit, such as peaches, spices , carbonated soft drinks, coffee, tea, alcohol, nicotine, can be equally harmful. Green light instead to cereals such as barley, oats , spelled, rice and pasta, wholemeal if possible. Fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, if well tolerated.

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