The cardiologist’s diet to lose 7 kilos in a week

The cardiologist’s diet to lose 7 kilos in a week

It’s called ” The Cardiologist’s Diet ” and was requested by a reader. According to what we read, even on Italian sites, the cardiologist’s diet allows you to lose 7 kilos in a week. But will it be true?
The answer is: not exactly.
Let me explain.

First of all, the cardiologist’s diet is not a 7 day diet. In the most popular version found on the net, the diet would be 5 days, but this version as the 7-day diet is also false. The original cardiologist diet is a 15-day regimen to lose 9 pounds.
Fifteen. Days. Nine. Kilos.

Who is this cardiologist?
Some sites mention Dr. Dwight Lundel, known for being the author of a book that can be translated in Italian as “The big lie on cholesterol”, where he briefly explains that carbohydrates cause high cholesterol. However, Lundell never created the cardiologist’s diet. And he’s not even a doctor. He was disbarred in 2008.

On the contrary, in America they decided to solve it by saying that he is a famous European doctor.
So we say he is an American (ex) cardiologist, they say he is European.
As proof that a cardiologist exists, they took a photo from the internet, edited it with photoshop and then spammed it on Pinterest. Usually there is a photo of a guy who is the most popular, sitting at a desk in front of a PC with cardiological photos. Sometimes they change his face.

In short, the cardiologist’s diet to lose 7 kilos in a week where did it come from?

Finally after a bit of research I got there.
The cardiologist’s diet is a hospital regimen.
This is the diet that heart surgery patients follow in order to lose weight quickly. The hospital is Zan Mitrev , a Croatian hospital that takes the name of the cardiologist who founded it.
In short, the Americans came closest. And the 5 days are actually not far-fetched. The diet has a different plan every day for 5 days , after which it must be repeated two more times with a weekend break after each cycle. Total: 15 days + 6 free days.
I am skeptical about weight loss, however. Will the cardiologist’s diet cause you to lose 9 pounds in 15 days?
While it is drastic, I fear that weight loss is not true.
You are much more likely to lose 4-5 pounds, which is a lot anyway. But without a doctor’s advice you shouldn’t go on this diet. And I doubt a doctor can recommend it. In fact, analyzing the menu you find on page two, it is not a healthy or effective diet.

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