The Annurca Apple to lower cholesterol

The Annurca Apple to lower cholesterol

Today I want to tell you about a supplement that is proving very useful for lowering borderline cholesterol without statins or equivalent supplements, namely the annurca apple supplement.

Many people with “borderline” cholesterol problems _ that is altered but not so high as to consider the subject at serious risk_ complain of side effects both from the use of statins and from the use of products with equivalent action such as fermented red rice.

In both cases, the most well-known side effects are muscle and joint pain, nausea and vomiting (due to a repercussion of these products on the liver and intestines), stomach cramps and extreme fatigue.


The annurca apple is particularly rich in procyanidins, which are the precursors of flavonoids, studied for their antioxidant potential. These substances are found in other types of apples, but in much lower doses.

This fruit, which abounds in Southern Italy, especially in Campania and Basilicata, has recently been studied for its role in fighting bad cholesterol, raising good cholesterol and protecting blood vessels.
One study, for example, found that those who consumed two annurche apples a day had an 8% reduction in cholesterol.

However, the extract is the most useful in lowering cholesterol if statins and fermented red rice are not for you. Two capsules of annurca apple extract reduce total cholesterol by 25%, and bad cholesterol by 37%.
Better to eat the capsules than to eat the equivalent in apples, which would be twelve apples a day.
Also because the extract has no effect on blood sugar, unlike a kilo and a half of apples.

Furthermore, it seems that the annurca apple contrasts hair loss. An undoubtedly positive fact.

Where to find an annurca apple supplement?

Here are all the possibilities.

Via Amazon: you can buy here the MELANNURCA product , by Noebis Pharma, based only on Annurca Apple.
In the pharmacy: you can buy the Melannurca Complex (or you can order it) which in addition to the annurca apple also has milk thistle and sea buckthorn. Very similar is the Melacol. Or Annumets HDL, a product that contains, in addition to the annurca apple extract, that of sweet potato (useful in case of high blood sugar). And finally the Nurvast.
In all cases, the recommended intake is a maximum of two capsules per day. They are well tolerated in the intestine.
I recommend that you talk to your doctor especially if you are already being treated with statins or a similar supplement.

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