The acne diet: what to eat to relieve the face?

The acne diet: what to eat to relieve the face?

Acne, when it occurs in adults, is often connected with hormonal problems, stress and poor nutrition.
In fact, this condition does not only occur among adolescents, but can affect the skin of people aged 20 to 30, 40, although for different reasons. British doctor Douglas Grose has no doubt that diet has to do with the manifestation of acne : eating foods with a high glycemic index worsens the skin, leading it to develop boils, impurities and excess sebum. In fact, the skin is one of our excretory organs, that is, it serves to purify the body of waste substances , and in turn acts as a natural barrier against external aggressions.

In an acne-prone skin, the substances to limit are foods that contain carbohydrates and dairy products: a diet similar to the Paleolithic or evolutionary diet could be a panacea for people suffering from acne, because to be attributed to the worsening of the skin texture would be an excess of growth hormone, which also causes an increase in insulin. Chocolate should also be consumed in moderation.
Instead, fish, flax seeds, red fruits and citrus fruits, foods that contain probiotics, green and white tea, shellfish, green leafy vegetables are preferred.

A dietary protocol to follow in case of acne-prone skin can be that of Dr. Whu, which you can consult at this link. A do-it-yourself remedy, always dietetic, can instead be this flavored and mineralizing water , to drink during the day.

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