The 4 stages of weight loss according to experts

The 4 stages of weight loss according to experts

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen explain how to keep the weight lost forever, identifying 4 phases of weight loss and their effects on the body and mood.
According to scientists, the negative consequences of weight loss are eliminated only if you reach phase 4: that is, nervous hunger, the desire to fail, boredom and lack of motivation to continue following the diet.

This is because the symptoms I mentioned are the consequence of a hormonal imbalance that those who want to lose weight must have to deal with: higher levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and lower levels of leptin, the satiety hormone. .
Here are the 4 stages of weight loss according to the researchers.


  1. Stage One: Setting the Weight Loss Goal
    We want to lose weight, and we also want weight loss to be as fast as possible. Already here we start badly. In this first stage it is important to create a “human” goal, with the idea of ​​having to be able to maintain that weight until the fourth stage. The best thing would be to set a weight loss goal of no more than 15% of our total body weight
  2. Stage two: first effect of hormones
    After 5 weeks of starting the diet, the levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, rise. In the first weeks we are still enthusiastic and able to better contain the first pangs of hunger, but already at the beginning of the second month of the diet everything changes. A possible solution is to allow yourself a small break from the diet of 1-2 days in which you add two small unscheduled snacks at will: for example 3 chocolate biscuits and a piece of extra dark chocolate or a small pastry. In this way, by planning small breaks for 1-2 days, we can keep ghrelin at bay.
    On other days, we keep some raw carrot, cucumber or fennel sticks in the fridge.
  3. Stage Three: Boredom Effect
    We feel sacrificed and begin to wonder if it will go like this forever. The third stage takes place around 5, 6 months of diet. To overcome it unscathed it is important to make small changes to our food program. Different spices and different recipes can help. I’ll give you an example. Instead of eating 150 grams of grilled chicken with salad, we can eat 125 grams of chicken that we marinated in 2-3 tablespoons of low-fat yogurt with Indian spices, and then quickly passed in the oven. To this we combine some bean sprouts. Same calories, but different dishes.
    On the internet there are many blogs of light recipes that can help us. Here is my personal ranking. 
  4. Stage 4: Victory!
    Stage 4 goes from the ninth month of the diet to the twelfth. At this stage, it will be easier to manage hunger and learn to fill up. And the weight will hold much easier. The hormones finally settle down and the body stops rowing against them.

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