The 2-1 cyclic diet to lose 8 kg per month

The 2-1 cyclic diet to lose 8 kg per month

The 2-1 cyclic diet is a diet in which days of eating less carbohydrates alternate with days of eating many more, with the promising result of not giving up on any of the foods we love and losing weight in a way. fast and effective, with no contraindications for health.
In fact, the cyclical 2-1 diet allows you to lose 8 kg per month by alternating days of a low carbohydrate diet or low carb diet with days of a high carbohydrate and low fat diet or low-fat diet.

However, training is essential, but in the cyclical 2-1 diet it will take up little part of your time.


As I explained in the introduction, the 2-1 cyclic diet is a diet that involves two days with fewer carbohydrates and one with more carbohydrates in a cyclic fashion. For example: Monday and Tuesday are low carb days, Wednesday is a low-fat day, Thursday starts again with the two low carb days and so on. There are no days of freedom from this scheme for the weight loss phase.

This type of diet was developed by Dennis and Kelsey Heenan , two coaches behind the Lean Cycle Diet method and the HIITBURN protocol .
It allows you to lose 8 kg per month by losing mainly fat mass, as long as you also follow the training.
Obviously there are many cyclical diets like this one, and on Dcomedieta we had already talked about the Intermittent Low Carb Diet , cyclical ketogenic diet , Pyramid diet .
The advantage of the 2-1 cyclic diet is that it is easier to follow, it is not a ketogenic diet, we have two to three days a week in which we can eat pasta, bread, rice, fruit. The other advantage is that on low-carb days there are still foods that provide us with sugar, so we won’t feel fatigued. Let’s see the 2-1 Cyclical Diet Plan on page two.

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