The 1500-calorie vegan diet

The 1500-calorie vegan diet

The pescovegana diet or pescitariana diet is a flexi diet , that is a diet that combines a vegan base with only one type of food of animal origin, namely fish.
This does not mean eating fish every day, but eating three or four servings a week including crustaceans and shellfish, while the rest of the diet is vegan. So the rest of the diet consists of fruit, vegetables, cereals, legumes, vegan proteins from tofu, tempeh, seitan, seeds and nuts, milk of vegetable origin.

The advantages of the pescovegana diet are many.

On the one hand, it is an ideal diet for those who do not find it difficult to give up meat and want to reduce cholesterol.
On the other hand, fish and other seafood products ensure a good content of omega3, vitamins such as B12 and minerals such as zinc and copper, which are generally lacking in a vegan diet. Finally, it’s easier to get full and lose weight.

In this article we see an example of a 1500-calorie vegan diet, useful for a woman who wants to lose 2-3 kilos per month without drastic regimes and who can engage in physical activity two to three times a week.

The diet is taken from the book The pescetarian plan by Dr. Jibrin, a famous American nutritionist. On page two we see the plan with all the portions allowed for each food allowed and the list of foods. On page three a sample menu.

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