Thai yoga massage, what is it

Thai yoga massage, what is it

Thai yoga massage combines the benefits of a massage and those of yoga: let’s see what it consists of.

Thai yoga massage, what is it

Thai yoga massage: what it is

Thai yoga massage is a massage that combines traditional Thai massage with yoga , and the energy channel system of traditional Chinese medicine.

It therefore interpenetrates physical work with an energetic and postural one . It is indicated and suitable for everyone, with the due caution that each massage prescribes in cases where there are manifest pathologies, and is useful for the well-being of body and mind.

The name already gives indications on the type of massage: the muscle and joint stretches to which those who practice a tai yoga massage are subjected are similar to those imposed by the yoga asana, with the relative advantages.


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The benefits of Thai yoga massage

In general, the Thai yoga massage has the following benefits :

gentle but deep stretching and stretching of muscles , joints and fascias : this massage allows you to dissolve muscle tension, mobilize the joints, and allow, through the detachment of the connective tissue and fascia, to reactivate blood and lymphatic circulation .

In particular, being the posture induced in a passive way , there is no compensation movement as usually happens when trying to do stretches without having a valid guide to the functioning and use of the muscles;

deep relaxation : the manipulation of the Thai yoga massage has the benefit of inducing a deep state of physical and mental relaxation;

proprioception training : we are often used to perceiving the body as a machine at our service which is only asked to function and do what it is commanded to do. But the body is much more, and knowing how to listen to it means being able to have a deeper and more direct contact with the limits of this wonderful and precious machine, and its needs.

For this reason, the Thai yoga massage allows you to re-establish communication and direct listening between the body and the mind , and therefore can help in cases of sleep disorders, problems with food, both overweight and underweight, fatigue, stress. ;

improvement of posture : by relaxing the muscles, loosening joint stiffness, the impact on posture resulting from a Thai yoga massage is direct and beneficial;

hormonal rebalancing : the Thai yoga massage works on the energy level on channels similar to those of traditional Chinese medicine . The stimulation of these channels, and some induced postures, stimulate the work of the main glands of the body, and therefore also a hormonal rebalancing of the whole body;

> stimulates the immune system and the elimination of toxins : the torsions and pressures on certain areas of the body allow to activate the primary and secondary excretory organs, and therefore to implement the elimination of toxins through the lymphatic and glandular system.

The contemporary work on the lymphatic circulation , responsible for the disposal of metabolic waste, but also a protection system, implements the defenses of the whole organism;

harmonization of emotions : emotions are the consequence of a complex interaction between physiology and psychology. The hormonal rebalancing, combined with the deep relaxation and intimate contact with oneself that the Thai yoga massage promotes, allows you to calm negative and excessive emotions.


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