Supertine method, the PM diet

Supertine method, the PM diet

The famous Public Prosecutor of Turin, Monica Supertino, ended up in the eye of the storm due to two videos that she would have published on a channel within a weekend, and immediately removed after they went viral.
What were these two videos of the magistrate about?


The two videos illustrated a diet to reduce fat mass and sculpt the body even without physical activity , that is the diet that Supertino herself would follow to be so lean and toned, which she called the ” Supertine Method “.

Magistrate Monica Supertino is not only known for being a person of integrity in her work, and having been a civil and criminal judge, now involved in the work of the Recycling and Usury group.

He also has a passion for nutrition and sports. And so she decided to share her passion on youtube.

Passionate about Triathlon, the Supertino is in fact also an athlete and one who loves to eat healthy and clean. She has flat, sculpted abs and well-defined muscles.

Without a doubt, I also deserve physical activity, but according to her, nutrition plays an important role.

Nothing serious, the idea of ​​creating a youtube channel like many other people do, sharing their tips to stay fit. But what you are contesting in this case is precisely the impossibility of combining a career as a youtuber with the role of prosecutor.

After the hypothesis of being able to be sanctioned for having talked about diets on a youtube channel emerged, the same Supertino would have deleted the two videos.

Videos that now can no longer be seen except for a few minutes on the websites of major newspapers.

But what was the famous prosecutor talking about?
What would be the secret of his enviable line?


As revealed by Monica Supertino herself , her method is a low-fat diet , but rich in carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, legumes and wholemeal flours and rich in lean proteins.
Egg whites, first of all, but also defatted ham, meat, fish.

With this diet, he explained, it is possible to achieve results in a short time, and to obtain a statuesque and enviable physique.

  • Fatty foods should be used sparingly, and no added oils.
    For example, a slice of provolone is good for flavoring egg white crepes, or a single teaspoon of Nutella for a pan of wholemeal carrot muffins.
  • But the secret of the Supertino line would be a low-fat diet adapted to human circadian rhythms.
    So we eat more in parallel with the rising of the sun, we eat much less when the sun goes down.
  • Breakfast should have 30/40% of daily calories, with cooked fruit (apples, draining), an egg white and ham crepe cooked in a non-stick pan, a carrot muffin but without fat.
  • Lunch would have the same caloric breakdown, while dinner must be very light, and therefore not have more than 20% of the daily calories, for example with vegetables and proteins, some legumes, but always very little fat.

Will it work? The low-fat diet is not only nothing new, it is a regimen that aids metabolism and reduces the risk of diabetes.
It is no coincidence that the famous rice diet , in spite of carbohydrates (rice, sugar-free juices, cooked fruit) was born at the beginning of the last century as a slimming diet for diabetics.

In short, too many fats are enemies of the metabolism just like excess sugar.

In fact, many people experience massive weight loss either by reducing fat or reducing carbohydrates. Both of these methods work for those who need to lose a lot of pounds, but be careful. They are not free from health risks.

In particular, a very low-fat diet can lead to digestive difficulties and a deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins, which are necessary for a healthy metabolism.

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