Summer holidays and extra pounds: how to regulate yourself

Summer holidays and extra pounds: how to regulate yourself

One of the questions you ask me most frequently in the summer is why you find yourself gaining weight after returning from summer holidays.

There are many reasons why you find that you have gained weight after returning from a vacation.
And there is only one solution that allows you to make the problem go away in a week or two, that is a soft and not too stressful diet regime that will work even better than we think.

Let’s first see the reasons why after the summer holidays you can find yourself with a few extra pounds.


  1. Change of habits = change of bacterial flora.

    We breathe different air, we change our habits, we eat different food, we also change country.
    For many, this results in difficulty going to the bathroom, digestive problems, water retention.
    Add the fact that many people on vacation, in a different bed, get a bad sleep, and the stress of travel.
    All ingredients that contribute to creating a situation of intestinal imbalance which unfortunately affects the weight. This is why many on vacation feel more bloated .

  2. Relaxation or stress?

    For many people, a vacation is not a time to disconnect and relax, but a time to see as much as possible. Understandable if we choose to visit a city.
    But our body thinks differently.
    If after a year of work, of waking up at six in the morning, of fast pace, we also transform the holiday into a job, forcing ourselves to wake up in the morning and days full of things to do, it is normal to find ourselves more tired than at departure.
    And this obviously affects the weight.

  3. Eating out = extra calories.

    On vacation we often eat out, in some cases at every meal.
    Now, it is impossible to have a precise idea of ​​how many calories we are consuming.
    An extra tablespoon of oil is about 120 calories.
    Imagine how much the dishes season in the kitchen. A simple rice salad or a very simple meat dish can have 200-300 calories more than anything.
    Portions can also be larger.
    Add to it our desire to taste everything, and every day a thousand more calories than normal accumulate.
    Of course, on vacation we also spend a lot of energy.
    And as we’ll find out later, it’s easier to go on a diet and lose weight on the way back.

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