Subnautica below zero walkthrough

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Subnautica below zero walkthrough

Subnautica below zero walkthrough I inform you in which to discover all of the locations, a way to create the “Sailor”, “Polar Fox” and the “Crab” costume, in addition to what desires to be performed to absolutely whole the storyline of Subnautica: Below Zero.

How to get to the get away pod

The sport starts with the xenobiologist Robin leaving the spaceship that has landed on the earth 4546B, in which the female intends to analyze the loss of life of her very own sister. The hard touchdown is related to a meteor hurricane that broken a number of the ship`s systems. After touchdown, you’ll be induced to attain the get away pod positioned withinside the water. The temperature is low on land, so Robin will start to freeze gradually. To maintain heat and live to tell the tale, you’ll should cover beneathneath water or bask close to warmness sources (for example, unique plant life). Follow the Thermal Lily Trail till you attain the water. Your PDA might be up to date and you’ll see a marker pointing to the get away pod. You can discover the close by place to accumulate a few beneficial resources, consisting of vitamins to the proper of the lily trail.


From the brink of the land, on the give up of the thermal lily trail, soar into the water and swim ahead. Dive beneathneath the icebergs to find out the tablet. Every time you seize a brand new fish, the PDA might be up to date. Look for the door and pass in the tablet. Hear a message from Sam, the protagonist`s sister. You will even pay attention the voice of Lillian Bench, a colleague, advising you to go to the Delta Station headquarters.

To live to tell the tale in the world you’ll should accumulate a few resources, in addition to make some of equipment. Since we’re speakme approximately an open international sport, it isn’t in any respect important to comply with any strictly described order of creating equipment and locating resources. Despite the truth that their manufacture is optional, maximum of them are important to get to a few remote corners of the planet with out freezing and ravenous to loss of life. We keep passing Subnautica: Below Zero at the StopGame.Ru website.

Before trying to find Delta station

Subnautica below zero walkthrough
Subnautica below zero walkthrough


– Water. It is without difficulty acquired from bubble fish, which produces filtered water. Use the producer in the tablet to create bottled water from the bubble fish. To drink it, open your inventory.

– Food. The simplest meals supply is boiled boomerang fish. You can seize it manually. Use the tablet producer to prepare dinner dinner fish. To use – appearance in inventory.

Before trying to find the Delta station, you may accumulate and create:

– Titanium and copper. They may be acquired from rocks which can be damaged through hand. Collect titanium and copper close to the get away pod to craft copper twine and different fundamental substances with a view to are available in accessible later.

So, you’ve got got gathered water, meals and fundamental resources, so now you may sail to the Delta station. But swimming takes an extended time, so first I advise growing a few improvised means:

– Scanner. It permits you to test unique components to get blueprints. Fragments – diverse fauna, plant life or technology. This is a totally crucial device for progress! Crafting calls for one battery and one titanium ingot. The batteries are made from ribbon plant life and one copper ore. Tape plant life may be harvested in shallow water close to the get away pod. They are mild inexperienced plant life. Copper ore is mined from the identical chunks of limestone as titanium.

Use this map to navigate the place. Subnautica below zero walkthrough

– Sea glider. When you get a scanner, you may test the fragments of the ocean glider which can be scattered alongside the sea ground close to the get away pod. When trying to find those fragments, make sure to floor in time to fill up oxygen reserves. However, it isn’t so deep here, and the fragments are scattered at a quick distance from every different. You want to test 3 unique portions after which use the producer in the tablet to create the glider. Blueprint consists of one battery, grease, copper twine, and titanium ore. You will want Arctic Algae Seeds to get the lubricant. These are tall, algae-like plant life some meters from the get away pod. The seeds develop in pink clusters and may be harvested through hand (rather than the algae themselves).

– Knife. This small knife may be used to scare off a number of creatures, consisting of sea and land predators. Use the tablet producer to craft one. The recipe consists of silicone rubber, that’s crafted from arctic seaweed seeds, and titanium alone.

After you’ve got got performed all this, it is going to be a great deal greater handy and more secure to tour withinside the route of Delta Station.

Search for Delta Station Subnautica below zero walkthrough

To discover the base “Delta”, go away the tablet, drift to the floor, and do it at some point of the day, in clean weather. Traveling at night time is a great deal greater difficult. On the left, there may be a big iceberg sticking out above the water. Move to the proper of the cliff and keep ahead approximately six hundred meters. Don`t confuse this rock with the only at the island in the back of your tablet, with putting icicles. If you have already got a compass, Delta Station might be positioned marks to the left of the place to begin and your tablet. On your manner there, you need to sign in a misery name from an alien.

The statistics withinside the PDA might be up to date, you’ll analyze that the misery sign is coming from approximately 2 hundred meters. It is simply too deep and it’s miles not possible to move there now. Continue till you attain Delta Station. As quickly as you arrive, you’ll pay attention a message from an unknown girl who asks you to live farfar from her lands. You can discover the dock place, accumulate diverse objects from the shipment warehouse, consisting of vitamins and disinfected water. Continue overland to discover the station. Use thermal lilies to maintain Robin`s frame temperature up. Exploring the place, you spark off a cutscene with Margaret, who actions into the “CRAB” costume. She will once more ask you now no longer to go into her territory. It will even provide you with a warning that in case you are now no longer Subnautica below zero walkthrough

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