Starbene’s flat stomach diet

Starbene’s flat stomach diet

A week to deflate the belly, on a healthier diet and a reduced content of sugary foods, with attention to the overall glycemic load of meals thanks to balanced menus, designed with a mix of carbohydrates and proteins to reduce the glycemic and insulin impact and feel more energetic. This is the belly- deflating diet proposed by Starbene magazine
which I have chosen to offer you as one of the best diets to lose weight in one month, and settle down with maintenance starting from the following month. You lose 3 kg in a month and above all you deflate.
It is suitable for women and sedentary subjects,and above all it allows us to better understand how to balance meals to avoid a high glycemic load after breakfast, lunch and dinner, which has the disadvantage of stimulating too much insulin production and leading us to gain weight even when we have the impression of eating little.
So let’s say that this diet, in its balance of macronutrients per meal, is perfect for those who feel bloated at every meal, for those who are afraid of having a low metabolism and above all accumulate body fat around the waist.
Let’s see how it works.

The flat stomach diet consists of three main meals and two snacks. 
Every day, 4 level or small teaspoons of oil and two level spoons of Parmesan are allowed. Once a week you can treat yourself to a pizza between marinara, margherita, ortolana or with vegetables plus a small salad before the meal. The pizza replaces the menu that contains pasta or cereals such as rice. It can be sent on safely for 4 weeks, varying the menu, for example the type of legumes, or grains instead of wholemeal pasta. It is a diet, as I said, with a low glycemic impact:

therefore the pasta is always wholemeal, the same bread, a protein food is also associated with every meal. If you want to know how to further reduce the glycemic load of meals, read here .

For snacks : you have to choose between 1 seasonal fruit (apple, pear, kiwi, grapefruit, orange) – 2 walnuts – 25 g of dark chocolate – 20 g of mature cheese – 50 g of cottage cheese – 50 g of ricotta – 1 whole white yogurt of 125 gr.
The seasonal fruit must not exceed 80/100 calories overall, so focus on a maximum of 180-200 grams of fruit.
The plan for a typical day is the following for lunch and dinner, while for breakfast, which is not specified in the diet, you can opt for a glass of skimmed milk with 30 grams of low-sugar cereals (sugar-free muesli, oats, 30 gr of wholemeal rusks or wholemeal biscuits without sugar) ( source ). Wantingyou can opt for the addition of one of the mid-morning snacks between protein (ricotta, yogurt) or lipid (dark chocolate, walnuts) to enrich the morning breakfast, if for example we do not have time to eat something in the middle of the morning. Better not to associate fruit with cereals (but that’s my advice). The quantities of vegetables are free , and in the maintenance phase it is advisable to increase the protein foods a little, leaving the quantities of bread, pasta and rice unchanged.
If we have intestinal bloating, I recommend a soothing fennel seed tea. 

Sample day of the Starbene Belly Deflate diet. 

• 60 g of smoked tuna with rocket
• mixed grilled vegetables
• 200 g of fruit salad

• 70 g of spaghetti with garlic and oil
• 100 g of cottage cheese
• green salad and fennel

Click here to discover the one week menu.

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