As we already know, Sony Computer Entertainment will market in North America a bundle that will concern PlayStation VR, the Controller Move …

As we already know, Sony Computer Entertainment will market a bundle in North America that will cover PlayStation VR , the Controller Move and the PlayStation Camera , for the moment there seems to be no package which includes the console, PlayStation 4 , with the Viewer of the Virtual Reaction as confirmed by Jim Ryan .

The president of the very famous Sony Computer Entertainment Europe company , Jim Ryan , has made it known that the hypothesis of the package ( PlayStation console + virtual reality viewer PlayStation VR ) was taken into consideration only to be left in the memories. The company wants the viewer to be sold separately from the console in order not to confuse customers, that is, PlayStation VR is definitely not an indispensable tool for the functioning of the PlayStation 4 console., and therefore from this declaration they have decided that they want to separate the two. They also stated that a bundle of this model would be very expensive and much less beneficial for customers who want to buy it.

We remind all our Game Legends readers that the Virtual Reality Viewer, the Sony PlayStation VR , can be ours in October, the exact date has not yet been revealed, and will cost 399.99 euros .

And now it’s up to you to let us know your opinions, below in the comments or on our Game Legends facebook page , on the choice of the famous Japanese company Sony Computer Entertainment .

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