SmartByte is here, the device to eat less

SmartByte is here, the device to eat less

A device to put on the mouth, and in particular on the palate . It may seem uncomfortable, but it has allowed some people to eat less, tasting the food but managing to reduce both the size of the bites and to eat more slowly. 

Those who have tried the Smartbyte have also lost 15 kilos without making any dietary changes.

But what exactly is the Smartbyte? It is a small “leaf” in plastic but hypoallergenic material to be inserted in the mouth just before eating that is fixed like a mini-denture. It should then be washed and stored like a dental appliance.
This device, invented in America by Scientific Intake, allows you to eat 23% of your daily calories if used at every meal. So it works like a diet, but it doesn’t force you to diet.

It is too early to find the Smartbyte in Italy as well , however I decided to talk about it because the mechanism behind this device for the mouth is the same as the conscious feeding techniques I have already told you about.

In practice, it works precisely because it leverages these techniques , namely:

  1. take smaller bites
  2. chew very long before swallowing the bite
  3. drink a small sip of water between bites
  4. put the fork down between bites
  5. focus on food instead of getting distracted

In short, there is no need to spend the money and be forced to put a gadget on the palate to eat. But that 23% less calories ingested can be achieved simply by adopting these techniques.
For further information I suggest this article. 

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