Smart temperature meters: from digital to infrared thermometers

Smart temperature meters: from digital to infrared thermometers

Keeping body temperature under control is essential when you are affected by a large number of ailments, especially in children, in order to have a clear picture of the situation and to intervene in a timely manner in case of high fever. 

In this regard, it is first of all important to remember that it is preferable to proceed with the measurement at specific times of the day, that is to say in the early hours of the morning and in the afternoon , allowing an adequate interval of time to pass between meals.

Furthermore, it is equally crucial to opt for a reliable temperature meter, as are, for example, the best models of digital and infrared thermometers , smart resources that are characterized by great practicality and ease of use.

Digital thermometer: how it works and which one to choose

Digital thermometers are equipped with sensors that can detect body temperature in a very short time interval, usually equal to 60 seconds , a feature that makes them perfect for measuring fever with greater ease even in children. 

Furthermore, in the event of alteration or fever , the acoustic warning that informs that the detection has taken place may change: generally, the different signal is emitted, depending on the model, if the temperature is above 37 , 37.5 or of 38 degrees .

Among the best models currently available on the market is the Tech Flex digital thermometer , which stands out for its great precision (± 0.1 ° C ), the flexible tip and the different types of measurement allowed. In fact, as well as in the axillary site, it can also be hosted in the oral and rectal ones.

In addition, the Tech Flex digital thermometer allows you to comfortably keep track of the various temperature changes during the day, thanks to the possibility of memorizing the latest measurements taken, so as to inform in detail also the pediatrician or your general practitioner. case of need.

Another feature that makes digital thermometers very popular is their durability : the materials selected for their construction, in fact, make the latest models on the market not only extremely resistant to shocks but also to water . An advantage that can be enjoyed especially if there are small children in the house.

Of course, it is advisable to periodically clean the instrument , also by virtue of the fact that it is often intended for shared use: as regards digital models, it is sufficient to proceed by passing a wad soaked in a little alcohol on the tip.

Infrared thermometers: characteristics and main types

In addition to digital thermometers, the advances made in recent years in the field of temperature measurement have contributed to the growing popularity of infrared thermometers in the home as well .

Like the digital models, these meters are also characterized by the great speed with which the detection is possible. Currently, it is possible to find two distinct types on the market, namely the front one and the headset one . 

In the first, the temperature is measured by placing the thermometer on the forehead, with the possibility of proceeding with the measurement without direct contact with the instrument . For this reason, they are very appreciated in the case in which it is necessary to control the temperature of babies and small children during the hours of rest, as well as in public places in this delicate period of health emergency.

Ear infrared thermometers, on the other hand, measure the temperature by placing the instrument in contact with the ear.

Finally, it should be emphasized that among the main innovations on the market it is also possible to find bluetooth thermometers , with which it is possible to transmit the measurements made to compatible smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets. 

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