Sleep-wake cycle, supplements to improve sleep quality

Sleep-wake cycle, supplements to improve sleep quality

Sleep disturbances can impair the sleep-wake cycle and daily performance. Thanks to supplements based on CBD and melatonin it is possible to improve the quality of sleep and increase energy during the day.

sleep-wake cycle

The importance of a good rest

Rest is essential to allow the body to face the day in the best possible way both physically and psychologically and sleep disorders , especially if they persist over time, significantly compromise our performance during the day.

Sleep disorders such as insomnia affect a large part of the population and cause difficulty in relaxing and falling asleep, awakening during the night, early awakening and alterations in the sleep-wake cycle. This leads to excessive tiredness and sleepiness during the day , difficulty concentrating and memorizing concepts and information, nervousness, irritability, up to the inversion of the circadian rhythm.

The causes of insomnia can be different. Sometimes sleep-related disorders can depend for example on poor digestion, but very often it is difficult to rest well due to anxiety and agitation, perhaps before an important event such as a job interview or a change of life, or in the periods of high stress, when commitments and worries increase. In these situations it can be difficult to achieve adequate physical and mental relaxation that helps to reconcile sleep and, thus, many hours are spent waiting to fall asleep.

If insomnia occurs sporadically , symptoms are usually mild and temporary but when sleep deprivation becomes chronic , it clearly negatively affects daily performance and overall quality of life.

To regain energy, concentration and good mood it is therefore important to resolve sleep disorders and it is also possible to do so by resorting to natural supplements.
Natural remedies for regulating the sleep-wake cycle

To promote rest and, consequently, to regulate the sleep-wake cycle , there are numerous natural remedies. Among these, a substance that has aroused much interest in recent years is CBD or cannabidiol , a cannabinoid extracted from hemp plants.

CBD is a molecule capable of interacting with the endocannabinoid system, without causing the psychotropic effects of THC, the cannabinoid responsible for psychoactive action. CBD has shown calming properties on the nervous system and its intake is able to induce an effective sedative effect that can help to better cope with stress, reduce anxiety , agitation and tension and promote relaxation and sleep . Cannabidiol is useful, together with other substances, to regulate the rest cycle, optimize the REM phase and restore the sleep-wake cycle .

In addition to CBD, there are numerous other natural remedies that can help you rest better and adequately such as, for example, melatonin .

Melatonin and the sleep wake cycle

Melatonin is a hormone produced by animals, including humans, and by some plants. Although it is also present in invertebrates and plants, the role in these organisms is still unclear.

In animals, this hormone is synthesized by the pineal gland in the brain and its production decreases as we age. Melatonin plays a fundamental role in the regulation of sleep , of daily rhythms, known as circadian rhythms or sleep-wakefulness.

Normally the levels of melatonin are elevated during the night, while the concentration during the day undergoes a useful trend to inform the body about the time and the season . This molecule is therefore considered effective in regulating sleep disorders and alterations in circadian rhythms , linked to insomnia or even the symptoms of jet lag. There are commercially available slow-release formulations to treat sleep disorders, including in older people.
Supplements to promote rest

The supplements that combine the action of cannabidiol with that of melatonin are very useful for improving the sleep-wake cycle as they exploit the properties of CBD and melatonin in synergy, so as to promote healthy and balanced sleep in a completely natural way.

For CBD to have an even more effective action, some formulations exploit liposomes , structures capable of trapping and protecting the active ingredients and convey them in a way towards the targets of our body, where they come into action. Thanks to liposomal technology , the active components can reach cells and tissues in higher concentrations, offering greater results .

By resting better and adequately at night, during the day you will have the physical and mental energy and attention necessary to face the daily tasks.

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